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Metalcraft Launches ARK Business Systems

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Metalcraft announced ARK Business Systems, a wholly owned subsidiary focused on RFID-based asset tracking solutions for small businesses.

“Metalcraft is strengthening our ability to serve a growing market for RFID tracking with the launch of ARK Business Systems,” said Metalcraft COO Kyle Bermel. “We see a market need not served by our industry today, and ARK Business Systems aims to deliver solutions that are ideal for these smaller, underserved organizations and those dipping into RFID tracking for the first time.”

Julia Deets, Metalcraft’s Vice President of Marketing and Customer Experience, directs ARK Business Systems with General Manager Tyler Johnson. Johnson’s five years of revenue growth as a Metalcraft Territory Specialist for the upper Midwest and Canada positioned him to lead the new subsidiary.

“Tyler understands the breadth of products and markets in detail and has the entrepreneurial mindset to lead ARK Business Systems,” said Bermel. “Metalcraft is ready to break down the barrier of entry for smaller companies wanting an RFID solution.”

Deets continues her nearly 20 years of responsibility for Metalcraft’s marketing and sales support, working with manufacturer’s reps, integrators and other partners to meet growing demand for RFID solutions.

“Julia’s tremendous experience over the past 20 years coupled with her knowledge of our customer experience make her ideal to lead our new ARK Business Systems group,” said Bermel.

ARK Business Systems’ work to date includes its first stand-alone asset tracking software, Grey Trunk RFID. Visit and for respective details.

Since 1950, Metalcraft has provided property identification solutions from a headquarters in Mason City, Iowa. Metalcraft designs, engineers and manufactures custom RFID and barcode tags and labels for almost any tagging need, especially asset tracking, access control and OEM applications. Metalcraft also provides a wide range of services including RFID prototyping and pilot projects. Visit for details.