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MeMD Launches Men’s and Women’s Health Solution to Provide Discreet, High-Quality Care in a Virtual Setting

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In a move that expands its offerings and improves access to an array of physical and behavioral health solutions, national telehealth provider MeMD launched men’s and women’s health services to offer the care that people want most.

MeMD’s national network of board-certified, NCQA-credentialed physicians treat a variety of common concerns, including sexual health issues such as erectile dysfunction, low sex drive and menopause. The company also provides care for issues affecting the health and self-confidence of men and women alike, including hair loss, skin conditions, sexually transmitted diseases and smoking cessation.

“Most benefit plans are missing an entire category of services that are important to employees,” said MeMD CEO Bill Goodwin. “A telehealth option makes it so much easier for people to seek care for stigmatized health conditions that can really affect their day-to-day wellbeing.”

A Cleveland Clinic survey in 2018 reported that 61% of men avoided seeing a doctor even when they needed to go, and 56% preferred to keep their health concerns quiet. Meanwhile, Everyday Health reports more than half of women feel bad about their physical appearance on a weekly basis, and 65% say they put themselves last.

“Women and men often are too embarrassed to seek care, especially when it comes to sensitive issues like sexual health, but delaying care can make matters much worse down the line,” added MeMD Chief Medical Officer Dr. Nicholas Lorenzo.

Erectile dysfunction, for example, often signals an underlying condition like heart disease or diabetes. Mental health concerns like depression, anxiety and stress may also cause ED. “With MeMD, members who are reluctant to seek in-person care can engage an experienced physician virtually from the privacy of their home,” added Dr. Lorenzo.

With the launch of men’s and women’s health, MeMD’s expanded service offerings treat the whole person, from primary and urgent care to teletherapy and telepsychiatry. This integrated approach addresses a gamut of needs – including physical issues that may be rooted in mental health. When addressing sexual health, a combination of medical and teletherapy services is often the best approach.

All services are available direct-to-consumer, via company healthcare plans or as a standalone solution. MeMD offers employers simplified implementation and administration, customized pricing and the ability to white-label the solution.

“Companies that offer telehealth solutions for these needs will go a long way in removing barriers to care and improving employees’ quality of life,” said Goodwin.

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