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Meggitt Training Systems to showcase military virtual training and live-fire products at Warrior Expo West

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Meggitt Training Systems will highlight its range of virtual and
live-fire, small-arms training systems for military applications at
Warrior Expo West 2019. The event will be held May 14-15, 2019 at the
San Diego Convention Center in San Diego, Calif.

“Meggitt helps the military train for new threats to U.S. and allied
security through continuous investments in our industry-leading range of
virtual, live-fire and integrated solutions,” said Andrea Czop, vice
president of strategy, sales and marketing for Meggitt Training Systems.
“Warrior Expo West attendees are invited to see and learn how the
portable FATS® 100P, as well live-fire SHOTT™
and RoadRange™ products can help armed forces make a
seamless and cost-effective transition from the simulator to the firing

The FATS 100P simulator features advanced functionality for both
instructor and trainee, delivering weapon handling and shot placement
analytics, marksmanship automatic coaching tools, video-based judgmental
training for escalation and de-escalation, and enhanced graphic
capabilities, all in a compact package. Portable and light, the FATS
100P comes in two rugged hand-carry cases the size of a large range bag
that allow easy transportation, set-up and operation by one person,
enabling the use of one system by multiple military units to maximize
resources. Up to six weapon simulators, including Meggitt’s patented
BlueFire® wireless weapons, can be run simultaneously and
only FATS systems incorporate ballistics data from the U.S. Army
Armament Research, Development and Engineering Center.

SHOTT House stands for Shoot House Optimized for Tactical Training and
provides warfighters the opportunity to practice securing a structure
using live weapons, ideal for military operations in an urban terrain or
counter-terror activities. RoadRange is a ballistically secure mobile
trailer, fully equipped to produce a three-position, state-of-the-art,
live-fire range for training anywhere. Both the SHOTT House and
RoadRange can be equipped with a FATS virtual training system to provide
a comprehensive solution for marksmanship, sustainment and judgmental
training, including force escalation and de-escalation.

To see a demonstration and speak with a company representative during
Warrior Expo West, visit booth #824 or schedule an appointment at

About Meggitt Training Systems

Meggitt Training Systems, makers of FATS® and Caswell
technologies, a division of Meggitt PLC, is the leading supplier of
integrated live-fire and virtual weapons training systems. Following the
acquisition of FATS® virtual training systems and Caswell
International’s live-fire ranges and services, Meggitt Training Systems
continues to grow its capabilities based on the legacy of these two
industry leaders. Over 13,600 Meggitt live-fire ranges and 5,100 virtual
systems are fielded internationally, providing judgmental, situational
awareness and marksmanship training to the armed forces, law enforcement
and security organizations.

Meggitt Training Systems employs more than 400 people at its
headquarters in Atlanta and at facilities in Orlando, Canada, the United
Kingdom, Netherlands, UAE, Australia and Singapore. It can deploy
service personnel anywhere in the world for instructor training, system
installation and maintenance.

About Meggitt PLC

Headquartered in the United Kingdom, Meggitt PLC is an international
group operating in North America, Europe and Asia. Known for its
specialized extreme environment engineering, Meggitt is a world leader
in aerospace, defense and energy, employing nearly 11,000 people at more
than 50 manufacturing facilities and regional offices worldwide.