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Medinas Opens Florida Office to Serve Hospitals and Imaging Centers In Remarketing Pre-Owned Medical Equipment

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Medinas, a technology-driven asset management and remarketing company for hospitals, today announced the opening of a new Florida office, putting the software provider in the middle of one of the highest concentrations of large hospitals and imaging centers in the country.

Florida’s more than 300 hospitals are struggling to manage their inventory of medical equipment, control environmental waste and contain skyrocketing healthcare costs amidst razor-thin margins. They don’t have a good outlet to remarket their equipment assets or are locked into legacy providers who haven’t innovated to meet the changing needs of a modern healthcare system. Current remarketing providers take advantage with subpar service and predatory pricing.

By making it easy to track, buy, and sell equipment assets, Medinas enables hospitals and imaging centers to save millions of dollars while boosting productivity, increasing capital, giving buyers a trusted source of assets and reducing hazardous waste.

“Medinas is going to revolutionize hospital asset remarketing throughout Florida with modern and intuitive software to track and organize their assets,” said Chloe Alpert, co-founder and CEO of Medinas. “The ability to redeploy, sell or donate unneeded medical equipment with the click of a button cuts down on waste and saves hospitals money.”

The Florida team is being led by Lisa Glidden, Medinas’s Director of Hospital Solutions for the southern region. By year’s end, Medinas will be contracted with nearly 40 hospitals, nearly seven times more than its next largest region.

Medinas has plans to sign up 100 partner hospitals in the first year, with an eye toward expanding its Florida operations and creating more warehouse and operational jobs in the healthcare sector.

About Medinas

Based in Berkeley, California, Medinas is a marketplace and technology-driven asset management platform that helps health care organizations of all types to resell and redeploy their pre-owned medical equipment and supplies. In January 2019, Medinas was chosen out of more than 9,000 global applicants to win $1 million in funding at WeWork’s Creator Awards. To learn more, please visit