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MDFlow and QMC Cares Team Up To Deliver Patient Hospital Encounter Notifications for Elderly Patients with Chronic Health Conditions during COVID 19 Outbreak

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MDFlow Systems (“MDFlow”), a premier healthcare information technology company, announces that it has partnered with Quality Medical Consultant Group (“QMC”), a Florida Hospitalist Group, to introduce an initiative to provide patient hospital encounter notifications for high risk patients. MDFlow and QMC process thousands of Encounter Notification Service (ENS) messages from Florida HIE daily. We are working with health plans and provider groups to identify high risk patients (i.e., elderly patients with respiratory health issues). When an identified high risk patient receives care at one of Florida HIE participating hospitals, we will send out a secured email to the patients’ care team (PCP, Case Manager, Caregiver, patient family members and etc.). Currently, we are working with health plans in South Florida to deliver the hospital encounter notifications for their high risk members.

Harold Tong, president, MDFlow Systems, says, “As we are facing the outbreak of coronavirus, protecting our seniors is very important for us. With QMC partnership, we can deliver patients’ hospital encounter information to patients’ case team. As a part of our commitment to provide state-of-the art technology and quality services, our HIT systems and solutions help healthcare providers and organizations work more efficiently and collaboratively in an effort to deliver better, more efficient healthcare services.”

“This partnership with MDFlow brings about a special opportunity for us to use the technology to help with the care of elderly high risk patients, during this difficult time,” says Ray Stein, CEO, QMC Cares. “Having the ability for a high risk patients care team to receive an alert when the patient arrives at a hospital, in real time, is definitely something which can change the way Healthcare is being practiced. Our philosophy is that a single phenomenon can have several outcomes, so QMC Cares aims to continually improve the day-to-day experience, communication, and collaboration for clinicians.”

About MDFlow Systems

MDFlow Systems is a premier Healthcare Information Technology (HIT) company with a proven track record of over a decade in providing software and services to improve and streamline the flow of information throughout the patient’s medical care lifecycle. Our HIT products help healthcare providers and payers work more efficiently and collaboratively to deliver better healthcare services to their patients and create a winning combination of cost reduction, operational efficiency and revenue enhancement.

About Quality Medical Consultant Group

QMC is committed to the comprehensive care of hospitalized patients from diagnosis to discharge and beyond. Our established physicians provide inpatient management to several hospitals and skilled nursing facilities spanning all across Florida. The experienced team and data-centric policies and resources shared with all QMC Hospitalists lead to reliable and consistent top level of functions. Our QMC team of physicians are highly respected within their communities and are dedicated to working with specialist to coordinate inpatient care and improve quality and efficiency.