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Maurice Singleton Appointed Vidsys President

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Vidsys, the global leader in Physical Security Information Management
(PSIM) and Converged Security and Information Management (CSIM)
software, today announced that the Board of Directors has promoted
company Vice President of Product Innovation Maurice Singleton as the
new President of Vidsys.

Maurice Singleton is a founding member of Vidsys and has extensive
experience in physical and information technology systems and solutions.
He has held various leadership roles at the company and has led business
initiatives for the development of innovative product enhancements,
customer experience improvements, business growth and expansion into
emerging markets, as well as contributions to shape the PSIM/CSIM
platform architecture.

“With more than 20 years of experience in this industry and a proven
track record of execution and delivery of top-notch service, we are
confident that Maurice will immediately make a positive impact on the
company,” said Pete Correll, Vidsys Chairman of the Board. “He will help
Vidsys continue to operate with speed, reliability and great service to
ensure each customer realizes the full value of our software.”

Going forward, Maurice will focus his efforts on –

  • Improving customer success and adoption – strategically allocating
    resources to ensure 100-percent satisfaction.
  • Enhancing sustainable operations – investing in our people, product
    and delivery model to improve the ease of installation, support and
  • Product evolution – harnessing new streams of sensor data and
    increasingly connected tools to give operators better intelligence and
    faster resolution.

“It’s an honor to take the helm at Vidsys, where I have spent the last
13 years of my career working with the brightest minds in enterprise
security and information technology,” said Maurice Singleton, President
at Vidsys. “I’m excited to build on the history of excellence and
innovation that the company has cultivated as we continue to provide the
highest level of security and safety at scale world-wide and across
various diverse and most mission-critical organizations.”

About Vidsys

Headquartered in Vienna, Virginia, USA, Vidsys provides transformational
Physical Security Information Management (PSIM) and Converged Security
and Information Management (CSIM) software platform that has been
adopted by some of the world’s leading brands and technology partners
within key verticals including Transportation, Energy, Utility,
Healthcare and Government. Vidsys software has obtained highest levels
of information security and assurance from both top-tier global
corporations and the US federal government.

Vidsys is hardware, protocol and device agnostic and offers
bi-directional, a browser-based platform with industry-specific features
and functions that allows sensors, devices, systems, subsystems, and
services to be interconnected via APIs and SDKs. The platform collects,
correlates and converts vast amounts of data into meaningful and
actionable information, based on the organization’s risk policy,
standards and compliance requirements. By leveraging mobile and
web-based technology, the software can be rapidly deployed and provides
real-time situational awareness and information management capabilities.

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