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MATHia by Carnegie Learning Named “Best Artificial Intelligence Solution” in 2019 EdTech Awards

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Carnegie Learning announced today that its flagship software solution,
MATHia®, has been awarded “Best Artificial Intelligence
Solution” in the 2019 EdTech Awards. MATHia is a smarter math learning
software that uses artificial intelligence and cognitive science to
mirror a human tutor better than any other software. It provides a truly
1:1 personalized learning experience for every student, supporting
students who are struggling while challenging those who are ready for
more, all at the same time.

A Smarter Math Software That Knows What Students Are Thinking

Other adaptive learning math programs have only one kind of adaptivity,
known as knowledge tracing, which selects the next problem for a student
based on the answer given. MATHia adapts differently. It uses knowledge
tracing and model tracing, which looks at the student’s actual
problem-solving process, to provide adaptive guidance and support to
each student based on how they are answering problems. The
combination of these approaches enables MATHia to focus on the process,
not just the result or answer.

Artificial Intelligence Supporting Teachers

Carnegie Learning is also focused on building AI that helps teachers be
more efficient and effective in the classroom. For example, MATHia’s new
LiveLab tool empowers teachers with in-the-moment, actionable data to
effectively manage students working in the software during a classroom
lab. Teachers no longer have to wonder how students are doing in the
software or which ones need help in the moment – they know instantly.
Dynamic indicators show which students are working or idle at all times,
while alerts let teachers know which students may need additional
support. Teachers can also get live notifications to help them assist
students who are having trouble mastering specific skills or completing
certain activities, or to recognize students for hitting content
progression milestones.

Why AI is Critical

There’s an urgency behind the acceleration of AI and teacher-focused
tools like LiveLab. According to 2017 NAEP assessments, 66% of 8th
graders and 75% of 12th graders did not reach Proficient
in mathematics.1 Carnegie Learning is addressing this issue
by offering the smartest, most adaptive math solution on the market.

“Today’s teachers are looking for technology that helps them do what
they do best—teach,” said Barry Malkin, CEO of Carnegie Learning. “The
AI that powers MATHia isn’t simple yes/no software. It’s the closest
thing we have to a human coach, sitting alongside every student,
encouraging and teaching them all at the same time.”

“Since its founding, Carnegie Learning has been a leader in applying
artificial intelligence to education,” said Dr. Steven Ritter,
Co-Founder and Chief Scientist. “This award represents a recognition of
how we have continued to use AI and advanced data science to improve the
effectiveness of our software and provide teachers with insights into
their students’ thinking.”

Now in its 9th year, the EdTech Awards is the largest and most
competitive recognition program in all of education technology,
recognizing the biggest names in edtech and those who soon will be.

“Nearly a decade in, The EdTech Awards persists in its salute,” said
Victor Rivero, who as Editor-in-Chief of EdTech Digest, oversees the
program. “And nearly a decade in, the people driving edtech forward
persist in their passion to improve learning. The EdTech Awards 2019
celebrates edtech’s best and brightest all year long; innovators,
leaders, and trendsetters who are shaping the future of learning.”

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