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MarkLogic Launches Pharma Research Hub to Accelerate Drug Research and Results

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, the next generation data platform provider for
simplifying data integration, today announced the MarkLogic®
Pharma Research Hub to enable pharmaceutical companies to lower drug
trial costs and accelerate research. This is achieved by helping
researchers quickly and easily find, synthesize and share high-quality
data – including, genetic, proteomic, drug, textual, binary and clinical
trial data – within a single cloud service.

The MarkLogic Pharma Research Hub uses machine learning and other
advanced technologies including semantics, fuzzy matching, relevance
ranking and rich metadata to manage, organize and retrieve information.
As a fully managed cloud service, the Pharma Research Hub can be set up
in minutes and ingests data 10x faster than custom-developed solutions –
with zero IT management burden.

“Researchers using legacy technology only access slivers of the data
around them, increasing the likelihood of errors and costing valuable
time that can equate to hundreds of millions of lost dollars and, more
importantly, lost opportunities to change lives because drugs take so
long to develop,” said Bill Fox, Vice President of Vertical Strategy
Group and Chief Strategy Officer of Healthcare and Life Sciences at
MarkLogic. “We offer researchers a cloud-based service to easily bring
together massive amounts of data, in its original form, and understand
the relationships between all that data, so they can use that data to
discover life-changing drugs faster.”

By working with five of the largest global pharmaceutical companies and
other leaders in the healthcare ecosystem, MarkLogic has long used its
Data Hub technology to help solve pharmaceutical companies’ business and
data challenges by:

  • Enabling search and visualization of relationships: View,
    navigate, and search the graph of connections in data by leveraging
    all inherent relationships. Visualizing these relationships in data,
    such as how a researcher is connected to institutions and peers, or
    how a gene, drug target and metabolic pathway are related, can lead to
    faster discoveries.
  • Leveraging machine learning: Users get better search results on
    higher quality data. MarkLogic’s Smart Mastering feature uses machine
    learning to find and consolidate related and duplicate items and to
    construct a knowledge graph of all data. Data quality rules are
    applied as data is loaded. This high-quality, mastered data
    dramatically improves search results and enables better downstream
    bioinformatics and AI analysis.
  • Loading any pharma data set: The Pharma Research Hub allows
    loading of any pharmaceutical information – publications, authors,
    drugs, genes and more – so companies can quickly access consolidated
    information to perform research.

“Due to advances in technology that solve many data analytics challenges
while also meeting the stringent regulatory requirements of the health
industry, we expect substantial data management solution adoption in
life science research R&D,” said Alan Louie, Life Sciences Research
Director at IDC. “This new breed of industry-centric technology promises
significant near-term value while also creating new best practices that
will drive the industry forward for decades to come.”

The Pharma Research Hub standardizes and extends the best practices from
multiple customers. The underlying MarkLogic Data Hub Platform has been
used to run some of the most complex businesses for nearly two decades.
The platform is built for Petabytes but can also be cost-effectively
scoped to small data sets. It is governed and secure from the beginning
unlike data stored in a Hadoop® data lake, which can take
years to build while the business waits for results.

More information on the MarkLogic
Pharma Research Hub is available here

About MarkLogic

Data integration is one of the most complex IT challenges, and our
mission is to simplify it. The MarkLogic Data Hub is a highly
differentiated data platform that eliminates friction at every step of
the data integration process, enabling organizations to achieve a 360º
view faster than ever. By simplifying data integration, MarkLogic helps
organizations gain agility, lower IT costs, and safely share their data.

Organizations around the world trust MarkLogic to handle their
mission-critical data, including 6 of the top 10 banks, 5 of the largest
global pharmaceutical companies, 6 of the top 10 publishers, 9 of the 15
major U.S. government agencies, and many more. Headquartered in Silicon
Valley, MarkLogic has offices throughout the U.S., Europe, Asia, and
Australia. For more information visit

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