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Markel Corporation Earns Strategic Business Back from Long-Standing, Valued Customer

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, the leading industrial technology manufacturing company
making fluoropolymer-based
, today announced that a long-time strategic customer has
selected Markel to provide PTFE
insulated high temperature wire
. The PTFE wire will be an important
component of the wire harness solution that connects to the customer’s
product, as it can withstand the high heat and aggressive environment of
under hood auto and heavy transportation vehicle exposure.

Markel also provides this customer with two additional product
components, both of which are used in the wire harness solution. Markel
had previously been the customer’s provider of PTFE wire, but lost that
business nearly ten years ago due to increased price competition from
global providers.

“When a different supplier was secured, we understood the opportunity
the customer was pursuing by outsourcing product components
internationally,” said David Panish, Vice President, Sales for
Automotive & Transportation at Markel Corporation. “Since then, we have
worked hard to provide high quality solutions, along with excellent,
local, customer service, in an effort to strengthen our relationship and
ultimately grow the business.”

Headquartered in Pennsylvania, Markel Corporation is a subsidiary of Alliance
and is an employee-owned business. Markel is an industrial
technology manufacturing company making PTFE and other
fluoropolymer-based products for global customers in the automotive,
heavy transportation, aerospace, sensors and electronics, telecommunications,
wastewater separation and filtration
industries. A pioneer in the use of high-performance fluoropolymer
solutions, Markel has combined proprietary manufacturing processes and
patented technology to become a solution-oriented partner to a global
customer base.

“Despite the change in our relationship a few years back, we remained
dedicated to providing this customer with the best in product quality
and service,” said Jon Kirchner, President and Chief Executive Officer
at Markel Corporation. “While that dedication is an expression of
Markel’s company culture, regaining this business is also a reflection
of how powerful our actions and commitment to the customer have been.
Every time we grow with our customers it is gratifying, but this one is
particularly so as we know it was earned based on hard work, great
service, and consistent, reliable delivery.”

About Markel

Markel Corporation reimagines manufacturing. Established in 1922, Markel
Corporation is an industrial technology manufacturing company making
PTFE and fluoropolymer-based products with a long legacy of product
innovation with more than 50 patents. Known for exceptional customer
service, Markel serves customers in over 20 countries, from its
corporate headquarters in Plymouth Meeting, PA, and dedicated locations
across Europe and Asia. For more information, visit