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Marion County Electronic Tax Payments Up 38%

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Property taxes support schools and government services in Marion County,
including health and hospital services, public transportation,
libraries, and more. And now, paying a property tax bill by the May 10th
deadline has never been easier. The County offers numerous payment
options and taxpayers are embracing the technology, as evidenced by the
increased usage of the various payment solutions via Invoice Cloud (up
38% from Q1 2018 to Q1 2019).

  • With so many mobile devices in use, Pay by Text is the best
    option for paying on the go. Taxpayers can choose to opt in to get
    bill notifications and pay via text message.
  • Over 13,500 taxpayers have already registered for Paperless billing
    to help the environment – and help the County save costs associated
    with mailing out paper invoices. Going Paperless can eliminate
    clutter and help reduce paper waste.
  • To save time, taxpayers can take advantage of OneClickPay
    (similar to Amazon 1-Click), to jump directly to the payment page,
    skipping the invoice selection and payment entry processes.
  • Budgeting to pay a tax bill is no longer a problem with FlexPay
    which allows payments in up to six monthly installments – taxpayers
    choose the dates when their payments will post.
  • And, for those that would rather not even think about paying their tax
    bill, taxpayers can enroll in AutoPay – a service where payment
    is automatically deducted from their default payment method on the due
    date. Over 7,300 Marion County taxpayers currently take advantage of
    this time-saving feature.

According to Deputy Treasurer Joshua Peters, “Marion County Treasurer
Claudia O. Fuentes is pleased to be able to offer these convenient
payment options to taxpayers.
We understand that people do not
look forward to paying tax bills, so providing fast, simple and secure
ways to make a payment lessens the burden for them and encourages
on-time payments.”

The easy-to-use payment portal provides taxpayers with quick access to
view tax bills and check their balance anytime 24/7 from anywhere they
have internet access. Features include an “at a glance” dashboard,
securely storing payment information (if requested), more automatic
payment options, including choosing a specific day for payments to
process, email reminders and more. For those that choose not to create
an account, they can view their current bill and make a one-time payment
without registering. Taxpayers may also pay via automated phone line by
calling: 888-881-8986.

For further information on payment options visit our website at:
or call 317-327-4444