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MantisNet Joins SAS Alliance Program to Provide Real-Time Networking Intelligence and Protocol Streaming Data to Customers

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the leading provider of real-time network intelligence software
solutions for cybersecurity and network operations, announced today that
it has joined the SAS Partner Program as a Silver Partner. MantisNet
will collaborate with SAS and offer real-time network protocol
processing from its Programmable Packet Engine (PPE) into the SAS
portfolio of fraud and cybersecurity analytics solutions.

The PPE is a revolutionary network intelligence engine which ingests
raw, unfiltered network traffic, at line-rate, with in-memory processing
and organizes the unstructured data from the network, and structures it
into streaming metadata – standardized key-value pairs, for efficient
consumption by analytic workflows.

“We are very excited about the long-term prospects for working with
SAS,” said Peter Dougherty, CEO of MantisNet. “Their vision for pushing
the technological boundaries of event-driven analytics aligns with ours
as we mutually seek to improve customer insights and decision loops for
security and fraud events. Through the PPE’s network intelligence data,
we are eager to help SAS customers make real-time detection and
remediation a reality.”

According to the FireEye
2019 Mandiant M-Trends Report
the dwell time, or time to detect a
cyber incident, is decreasing. Globally, the dwell time has decreased
from 101 days in 2017 to 78 days in 2018; where the less time it takes
to identify and contain incidents can impact the cost to recover from

Organizations employing real-time network intelligence with real-time
interactive remediation capabilities can bolster analytic workflows with
real-time data with the goal to further reduce the identification and
containment times.

“MantisNet’s real-time intelligence solutions are changing the way
organizations deploy, manage, monitor and secure their network
infrastructures for cybersecurity and fraud detection,” said James
Ruotolo, SAS Senior Director, Fraud and Security Intelligence Product
Management. “Data from the PPE will provide a new form of network
telemetry that will greatly enhance our clients’ situational awareness.
This will enable customers to increase security and fraud
detection—without jeopardizing risk or introducing friction.”

A joint demonstration of the MantisNet PPE with SAS Cybersecurity
security analytics software will be available in The Quad at SAS
Global Forum
, April 28 – May 1 in Dallas, TX.

About MantisNet

MantisNet develops Software Defined Network (SDN) and Network Function
Virtualization (NFV) network solutions that transforms network traffic
into an invaluable source of real-time intelligence. MantisNet enables
real-time end-to-end visibility and control through data plane
engineering, network monitoring, protocol analysis (from L2 to L7) and
provides the capability for real-time interactive remediation of
anomalies, threats, fraud, and malicious activities. MantisNet’s
solutions enable organizations to better monitor and control network
traffic compared to traditional packet brokers, firewalls, event
management and traffic engineering solutions.

MantisNet’s real-time network intelligence, monitoring and remediation
solutions can be found at