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Majority of Exhibitors at North America’s Largest Automation Show Select Universal Robots for Collaborative Robot Applications

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The characteristic light-blue jointed collaborative robot arms from Universal
(UR) will be spotted hard at work throughout Automate and
ProMat 2019 at McCormick Place in Chicago April 8 – 11. More than 30 UR
cobot exhibitors will demonstrate a total of 80+ collaborative robot
applications: a testament to the wide range of tasks and solutions now
automated by UR. The cobots on display will handle vision-guided product
inspection, pick parts off conveyors on the fly, ride on top of mobile
robots while performing machine tending, perform live robotic sorting
and induction into put walls and pouches, add 7th axis
capabilities, hand giveaways to attendees, play golf on a putting green,
and much more.

“We have successfully developed a rapidly expanding ecosystem around our
collaborative robots,” says Stuart Shepherd, regional sales director of
Universal Robots’ Americas division. “Just walking the show floors, it
will be immediately apparent how the fast and easy integration of UR
cobots now drive both cobot-assisted OEM solutions and a host of new
plug and play products certified for Universal Robots.”

Universal Robots has created the UR+
, an online showroom of software and accessories that have
been tested and certified to work optimally with UR cobots. From
grippers to software, sensors, vision cameras, and accessories,
Universal Robots+ not only enables end users to hit the ground running
when integrating UR robots, it’s also an un-paralleled collaboration
between Universal Robots and the flourishing developer
. The platform currently includes more than 140 certified UR+
products with 400+ companies in the commercial developer program, 22 of
them exhibiting their certified UR+ product on UR cobots at Automate and

Attendees visiting Universal Robots’ own Automate
booth 7154
will also get a chance to experience the market leading
cobots at UR’s vast, two-story booth featuring the company’s new
flagship line of collaborative robots, the
, that sets a new standards for collaborative robot
performance. The e-Series just
Control Engineering’s Engineers’ Choice Award 2019 in the Motion
Control category, which will be awarded in Chicago on the first night of
the Automate show, April 8.

See UR cobots in action at the following Automate and ProMat 2019

Advanced Handling Systems – Booth 5127
UR10e moving small
giveaway boxes back and forth between totes using UR+ certified
products; the Schmalz
CobotPump ECBPi
and a PickIt3D
vision system
. When the robot receives a signal, the next box it
picks will be presented to a booth visitor instead of being placed in a
tote, then it will resume its previous routine.

ArtiMinds Robotics – Booth 6665
UR5 in force-controlled
electronic assembly, 3D path following based on CAD data, and quality
inspection with live force measuring. ArtiMinds’ UR+
certified software
demonstrates how to program sensor-adaptive robot
motions to increase the dexterity to the robot system and store,
display, and segment the data to analyze and optimize the process.

Asyril US Inc. – Booth 8372
UR3 cobot with the UR+ certified Asycube
Flexible Part Feeder
. Asyril’s URCaps plugin guarantees a seamless
and fast integration of any Asyril Asycube in conjunction with any
Universal Robot. The control menus are directly accessible from the UR
teach pendant, making it easy to use and quick to implement.

ATI Industrial Automation – Booth 7536
ATI will show two UR5
cobots demonstrating the capabilities of its UR+ certified Robotic
Tool Changers
and six-axis Force/Torque
. ATI’s standard duty QC-7 Tool Changer adds flexibility to
the UR5 by enabling seamless, automatic exchange of end-of-arm tooling.
The Axia80 provides the cobot acute force guidance as it performs a
variety of complex tasks, such as polishing, valve insertion and
functional testing with a human-like sense of touch.

Bimba Manufacturing – Booth 8434
UR3 with Bimba’s UR+
certified Collaborative
Robot Vacuum Tool
(CRVT). The CRVT combines a maintenance free
non-clogging single stage venturi vacuum pump, vacuum switch or sensors,
and a valve in a simple package allowing users to quickly start moving
parts with their UR cobots. Ideal applications for the CRVT include pick
and place operations such as CNC machine automation, packaging and
palletizing, and assembly.

Cognex – Booth 2641
UR5 and UR3 cobots showing parts
inspection, conveyor tracking and hand-eye calibration in demos with
Cognex UR+ certified InSight
2D Robot Guidance
, Insight Multi-Part Locate, and VisionPro ViDi.

Dorner – Booth 7732
A UR5 picks and places pallets on
Dorner’s Precision Move Pallet Systems. The integrated display shows
pallets moving along a dual strand conveyor, entering a Dorner elevator
system to an upper dual strand conveyor. Dorner elected to use the UR5
cobot due to the ease of integration and the collaborative safety

EuroSort Inc. – Booth 3627
UR5 and UR10 robots as part of
the RightHand Robotics RightPick piece-picking solution demonstrating
live robotic sortation to a put wall and live robotic induction to a
EuroSort Split Tray Sorter.

FerRobotics – Booth 8721
See the state-of-the-art
sanding technology, the FerRobotics
in a live demonstration with a UR10 polishing a wooden
chair. The FerRobotics AOK/905 is a UR+ certified package, designed as a
plug & play sanding and polishing solution for UR cobots.

Kuecker Logistics Group – Booth 3912a
UR5 robot as part of
the RightHand Robotics RightPick piece-picking solution standalone
demonstration, with applications in robotic ASRS tending, autobagger
induction, sorter induction, and put walls.

LMI Technologies – Booth 8157
UR5 working collaboratively
with the UR+ certified LMI
Gocator 3210
snapshot sensor that uses stereo structured light
technology to measure shape and orientation of parts for automating
inspection, part movement, and guidance type applications. The UR5 will
guide the Gocator around a large part to capture 3D data from different
angles. When applying inspection tools all embedded within the Gocator
firmware, users are able to generate a complete 3D point cloud and
measure specific features i.e. diameter and depth of holes.

Mobile Industrial Robots (MiR) – Booth 7368
MiR will
showcase a MiR200 autonomous mobile robot (AMR) with a UR5 and an
OnRobot UR+ certified RG2
application. This application picks up circuit boards at a
stationary table, drives around autonomously and delivers the circuit
boards to the same table. To be as precise as this task requires, the
MiR200 connects to a precision docking station built into the stationary
table, demonstrating how the MiR200 adds mobility with extreme precision
to the UR5, enabling the cobot to service multiple work stations.

MoviMED – 3D Imaging Solutions – Booth 8114
demonstration of a collaborative 3D Inspection. The demo shows PVC pipe
connectors being inspected by a brand new Zivid Color 3D Camera in
conjunction with a UR5. Utilizing this technology opens up new
opportunities for quality assurance, helping manufacturers transition
from human based inspection to semi- or fully automated part inspection
with an attractive ROI.

Murrplastik Systems – Booth 8166
UR5 equipped with
Murrplastik’s UR+ certified Flexible
Holder System
, a dress pack for UR cobots designed for quick and
tool-free installation.

Olympus Controls – booth 8216
A mobile UR10e mounted to a
MIR200 from Mobile Industrial Robots picking trays from a table
utilizing a Cognex vision system. The applications demonstrate a
complete mobile UR solution for factory settings.

OnRobot – Booth 6773
OnRobot, the leader in
end-of-arm-tooling for cobots, will showcase three UR applications; a
UR5 with the UR+ certified RG6
in a printing and conveyor system; a UR10 with Dual RG2
 in a machine tending application: and a UR5 with the RG2-FT
gripper performing force-controlled pin insertion in a motor block.

Piab – Booth 8360
Piab’s UR+ certified piCOBOT® gripper mounted
on a UR5e designed to act as a flexible co-worker in a variety of
production, packaging or assembly lines. Included with the piCOBOT® is
URCap plug-in software to ensure easy programming and quick integration
of piCOBOT® with UR cobots.

PHD Inc. – Booth #7320
The PHD booth will show both UR5e and
the UR5. The UR5 will be mounted on the saddle/carriage of a two
meter-long PHD Series ESU electric base slide traveling back and forth
simulating pick and place on both sides of the slide. The UR5e is
showcased with the new UR+ certified Pneu-connect
dual gripper
in a hands-on demo showing ease of programming and
capabilities of the UR, the gripper with Freedrive, and the jaw position
sensing of the pneumatic gripper’s analog sensor.

Photoneo – Booth 8168
Photoneo will exhibit its AI-driven
application AnyPick, utilizing the UR5e robot. AnyPick can pick mixed
objects of any shape and size from 1×1 cm, with high speed (up to 500
picks per hour) and customizable weight limit. It is integrated with
fast and high resolution PhoXi 3D Scanners, whereby no CAD models or
other inputs are needed. AnyPick is a complete bin picking solution for
e-commerce, warehouses, logistics, food industry and metallurgy.

QC Conveyors – Booth 8422
UR5e will be picking and placing
vials in custom fixtures on QC Conveyor’s IS300 indexing conveyor
capable of delivering parts to the UR cobot with an accuracy of ±.015”.

READY Robotics – Booth 7571
READY Robotics will showcase
four UR cobots in interactive demos: a UR10 will collaborate with show
attendees in a putting green demo; a UR3 will handle a mix and match
block stacking demo: a UR5 is palletizing while a second UR5 is
integrated with a READY Robotics Forge/Station, showcasing true
automation flexibility. All demos are powered by Forge/OS and Forge/Ctrl
allowing show attendees intuitive hands-on experiences programming
cobots in real time.

RightHand Robotics – Booth 2397
UR5e and UR10e robots (five
total) as part of the RightPick piece-picking solution that can handle a
large range of items reliably and at high rates for the e-commerce
supply chain industry.

Robotiq – Booth 7165
Robotiq will be showcasing six UR5e and
one UR10e featuring cobot application demos all equipped with UR+
certified products such as Robotiq 2F-85
and 2F-140
Adaptive Grippers, Hand-E,
, Force
, and Insights.
Demos will feature a complete line-up of cobot applications such as
dual-gripper CNC machine tending, sanding, assembly, and pick-and-place,
showcasing how manufacturers can start production faster.

SCHUNK Inc. – Booth 7136
UR5 robot with UR+
certified electric SCHUNK gripper CoAct
 demonstrating how the cobot can be used for loading and
unloading a lathe without the need for fences. The new UR+
certified End-of-Arm Modular System with multiple tool change out will
also be on display.

SDI – Booth 3953b
UR5 robot as part of the RightHand
Robotics RightPick piece-picking solution demonstrating live robotic
induction to a pouch sorter.

SKF Motion Technologies – Booth 8556
See SKF Motion
Technologies’ UR+ certified LIFTKIT
add 7th axis capabilities to the UR10 cobot. The LIFTKIT
provides an effective solution to extend the cobot’s reach in a
palletizing or packaging application since the base of the robot can be
easily lifted or lowered to work at the most optimal position.

SMC Corporation of America – Booth 8139
Pick and place demo
showcasing UR cobot with SMC’s MHM Magnetic Gripper Kit’s easy
integration handling perforated steel sheets. The demo presents a
solution for transferring ferromagnetic workpieces of uneven surface,
porous, or susceptible to damage, replicating applications that can be
found in automotive assembly or in the transfer of stamped objects
between CNC machines.

SOLOMON Technology Corporation – Booth 8941
UR10 with SOLOMON’s 3D scanner and software in a demo of a real-life
sealing application deployed in an automotive plant.

Soft Robotics – Booth 8163
On a UR3, Soft Robotics will be
showing their UR+ certified modular, on-demand gripping solution: mGrip
. This system demonstrates the collaborative, adaptable nature of
the Soft Robotics technology by picking and placing a wide range of
objects of varying size, shape and weight, with a single end-of-arm tool
and no additional programming.

Tompkins International – Booth 4250
UR5 robot as part of the
RightHand Robotics RightPick piece-picking solution demonstrating live
robotic induction to the t-Sort modular robotic sorter.

TUV Rheinland – Booth 9530
TUV Rheinland will showcase the
UR3 cobot. Like all UR cobot models, the UR3 has the ability to be used
as a power and force limited robot, which allows it to be integrated in
various collaborative applications. TUV will demonstrate safety
evaluation and testing for a robot cell and will also touch on the
technical specifications for important robotics standards to ensure a
robot is safe to use collaboratively.

Ubiros – Booth 9643
UR5 with Ubiros’ fully electrical soft
gripper Gentle, showing the ability to handle the most delicate items or
any unstructured picking operation. Weighing only a few hundred grams,
Gentle is remarkably cost-effective with several grasping and size
options able to meet customer needs.

XPAK – Booth 7945
UR10e in the COBOXX box erector from XPAK
allows packagers to randomly erect any box in their suite on-demand
without changeover. The boxes are handed to a second UR10e integrated in
ONExia’s PalletizUR, a portable, collaborative palletizing solution with
graphic software for simple pallet building.

ZIMMER GROUP US Inc. – Booth 7963
UR3e robot with Zimmer
Group’s UR+ certified compact
collaborative gripper
. The display demonstrates the gripper’s
ability to differentiate between two parts of varying tolerances,
simulating a good/bad batch pick. Zimmer’s UR+ certified electric,
and pneumatic
end-effectors will also be showcased.

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