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MagikEye Announces a Pre-Launch of Invertible Light Technology (ILT) Development Kits for Select Group of 3D Sensing Developers

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Magik Eye Inc. (, an innovative young company bringing new technology to high volume 3D sensing applications, will be releasing its latest Invertible Light™ Technology (ILT) development kits to select 3D sensing developers. “With its high speed, low latency and superior surface visibility at near ranges, developers will now have a great new tool for object detection, guidance and gesture recognition. We are excited that developers can now explore optimal use cases for applications such as robotics that are truly effective for near-range applications and easy to use” said Takeo Miyazawa, Founder & CEO of MagikEye.

The ILT Development Kit (DK-ILT001) combines a simple infrared laser projector with a standard CMOS image sensor to achieve 3D imaging at more than 600 frames per second (FPS), or up to 120 FPS with a simple Raspberry Pi host. With ILT’s proprietary algorithm, DK-ILT001 is able to accurately measure the position and shape of a target with ultra-low processing overhead.

DK-ILT001 will be released as an entry-level module for easy evaluation of fast, accurate and responsive 3D sensing technology as well as for enable new software applications development.

DK-ILT001 consists of a hardware module with a light and small form factor along with specialized firmware which can easily deliver precise 3D point cloud data from fast-moving objects. It supports industry-standard middleware including: OpenCV, PCL, Open3D, ROS and Unity in addition to C++ and Python, which users can use to build their desired 3D sensing systems quickly and with minimal effort.

Features of DK-ILT001

1. Fast, Accurate and Low Latency:

Fast 3D sensing at up to 120 FPS, using a simple Raspberry Pi host. This allows measurement of 3D point cloud data from rapidly moving objects with both accuracy and with low latency. Higher speeds (i.e. >600fps) are achievable and supported on other specific hosts.

2. Small and Light Form Factor:

With a small and light form factor [44(W)×24(D)×16(H)mm and @ 16g], DK-ILT001 enables the development of compact 3D sensing systems. This can be easily attached to many devices including moving objects, all while hosted by an inexpensive Raspberry Pi device.

3. Usable Software Development Environment:

DK-ILT001 includes a software API for OpenCV, PCL, ROS and Unity in C++ and Python. This simplifies the evaluation and development of new applications with higher levels of 3D performance.

About Magik Eye Inc.

Founded in 2015, Magik Eye Inc. has a family of 3D depth sensing solutions that support a wide range of applications for smartphones, robotic and surveillance. Magik Eye’s patent protected technology is based on Invertible Light that enables the smallest, fastest & most power-efficient 3D sensing.