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LumaCyte Primed for Significant Global Growth: CE Mark Opens European Market

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LumaCyte, an advanced research and bioanalytics instrumentation company headquartered in Charlottesville, VA, announces the third doubling of their manufacturing and laboratory space. This expansion reflects an exponential growth trajectory for the organization. “Customer demand is driving our need for additional space and resources. We are excited by the overwhelming interest in our Laser Force Cytology (LFC) instrument, Radiance®. Biopharma and CDMO organizations are looking to drive innovative analytical solutions into their R&D and biomanufacturing processes and we are honored to be part of this important transformation,” says Dr. Sean J. Hart, LumaCyte’s CEO and CSO. Radiance® offers a unique, label-free approach to single cell analysis giving researchers significant improvements in the quality and speed of their cell-based assays. Two key application spaces driving LumaCyte’s current customer demand are rapid viral infectivity measurements for vaccine R&D and production, and label-free biomarker phenotyping for cell therapy biomanufacturing.

The vibrant European biopharma market is an emerging opportunity for the organization. LumaCyte recently won CE marking for its label-free, single cell analysis instrument, Radiance®. This EU specific regulatory standard is only conferred on instrumentation or devices after a lengthy and rigorous testing period. CE marking is a certification mark that indicates conformity with health, safety, and environmental protection standards for products sold within the European Economic Area (EEA). CE marking is a prerequisite for sale and use of the Radiance® instrument in the EEA. LumaCyte is proud to announce the successful completion of Radiance® CE marking and looks forward to now being able to support European sales requests. “2019 has been a year of significant growth and adoption for LFC. Our teams are working hard to ensure LumaCyte is well positioned for the global growth and increasing customer demand.”

About LumaCyte

LumaCyte produces label-free, single cell analysis and sorting instrumentation where the use of antibody or genetic labelling is not required for cellular analysis. This revolutionary technology utilizes Laser Force Cytology™ (LFC™) to measure optical and fluidic forces within a microfluidic channel to identify and measure the intrinsic cellular properties of each cell. The multivariate nature of the data has enabled a host of Big Data strategies and cloud computing capabilities that drive advanced analytics, allowing a deeper understanding of cell based biological systems. Applications of LumaCyte’s label-free platform technology include viral infectivity for vaccine development and manufacturing, cancer biology R&D, CAR-T Immunotherapy, cell and gene therapy, iPSCs, infectious disease, and pre-clinical drug discovery, in addition to multiple applications across the biomanufacturing sector for quality control and process optimization.