Press release

Lucidea Bringing Argus Museum CMS to AAMC 2021 Virtual Conference

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Lucidea, developer of Argus and leader in innovative museum collections management software, will attend the AAMC virtual conference on April 29th and 30th, and May 3rd and 4th.

Visit the Lucidea team at their Virtual Exhibit Booth, where their collections management specialists will demonstrate why they’re a trusted technology partner in the museum community. Learn about capabilities that support visitor engagement and expanded curation to delight and educate your audience, as well as innovative options for presenting and showcasing collections online and creating a cultural community. While in the booth, download free eBooks written by museum expert and author Rachael Cristine Woody and watch webinars covering topics of importance to museum professionals today.

Lucidea is a long-time active supporter of museums, and it is their hope that their museum collections management software will help mitigate the effects of the current pandemic on museums, collections, and the profession.

For further information about Argus, visit , phone 604 278 6717, or email