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LPC West Selects WorkSpace as Property Management Technology of Choice

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LPC West, the West Coast arm of national real estate firm Lincoln Property Company, today announced a strategic alliance with WorkSpace, a leading commercial real estate operations platform. Under the partnership, LPC West will embrace WorkSpace as the preferred software platform for all LPC West core property management operations.

LPC West offers premier property and asset management services from Seattle to San Diego and will use WorkSpace across the portfolio as its all-in-one platform for service requests, tenant broadcasts, automated preventive maintenance notifications, and paperless payable workflows.

“Our commitment to the owners and investors who comprise our client base is to drive results by optimizing operations and providing a quality tenant experience. Leveraging WorkSpace’s property management software is a core part of that strategy. Unlike other solutions, WorkSpace addresses the multivariate nature of property management – a function historically burdened by system switching, data gaps, and communication lags,” said Eric Roseman, Vice President of Innovation. “WorkSpace both streamlines operations for teams on the ground and provides leadership with insight into how we’re performing across our portfolio and how we can improve.”

The greatest technology can only add value if users embrace and incorporate it into their workflows. With WorkSpace’s intuitive design and dedicated training, adoption throughout LPC West came easily.

“We knew WorkSpace was the best solution for us to drive consistent tenant and asset value,” said Ginger Dunbar, Head of West Coast Operations. “We wanted to make sure the system was user friendly and effective enough that our teams would use it to the fullest potential. Through onboarding, training, and a collaborative relationship, WorkSpace has ensured we understand and leverage the full array of tools at our disposal. Our team was very happy to see how intuitive it was to get started.”

In May 2020 WorkSpace announced that it had secured financial backing from ASG, bringing additional capital, talent and commitment to client service.

“As the evolution of our relationship with LPC West reflects, we have used our additional horsepower where we knew it would really make a difference,” said Vivek Kartha, CEO of WorkSpace. “With a focus on customer-driven product development and a genuine commitment to our customers, we have seen old relationships rejuvenated, and new relationships forged. I’m really excited to see what WorkSpace and LPC West will achieve, together.”

Moving forward, LPC West intends to further the relationship by leveraging vendor payments with WorkSpace’s new VendorPay digital payment platform.

About Lincoln Property Company

Lincoln Property Company, founded in 1965 by its chairman Mack Pogue, is a privately-owned real estate firm involved in real estate investment, development, property management and leasing worldwide. Lincoln has offices in all major markets of the U.S. and throughout Europe. Lincoln’s cumulative development efforts have produced over 150 million square feet of commercial space and over 216,000 multifamily residential units. Access for more information.

About WorkSpace

WorkSpace is the first-ever centralized platform for property and portfolio operations. Through an intuitive interface, WorkSpace helps firms differentiate themselves with a tech-led offering including simplified workflows for property operations, automated data consolidation, and a pre-configured library of essential asset management reporting and analytics. WorkSpace provides you with a better way to manage real estate.