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Los Angeles AI Company Brings First of Image Cognition (the Future of Computer Vision) to the Phone

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CloudSight, an award-winning AI company, releases its groundbreaking
image cognition engine for mobile devices. “Most AI is like a toddler,
calling things ’purse,’ ’chair,’ or ’table.’ Our AI is the grown-up
version. It says, ’pair of men’s black derby shoes,’ ’white 3-seat
leather sectional sofa with chaise,’ or ’round black Michael Kors
chronograph watch with brown leather strap.’ Developers now have
tremendous flexibility to create friendly and intelligent apps,
robotics, toys, and other products using our powerful image
recognition,” said Brad Folkens, CEO.

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CloudSight’s technology achieves human-like visual intelligence from
trillions of visual components it has seen over the past seven years.
The proprietary system learns continuously when it sees new images,
preventing it from becoming obsolete when new objects appear in the
world. “It’s breathtaking. There are many privacy concerns with AI
today, but what if those images never left your phone? It’s complete
security,” said Folkens.

About CloudSight Inc.

CloudSight is a Los Angeles-based tech company founded in 2012. With a
unique system that learns over time, CloudSight utilizes real-world data
curated over the last seven years to train deep learning neural networks
to understand visual media. The company is backed by over $10 million in
funding and has over 30 patents pending worldwide. Its mission is to
bring visual cognition and understanding to artificial intelligence,
giving AI the ability to understand what it sees.