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Logility Announces 2019 Accelerator Award Winners

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Logility, Inc., a leading provider of collaborative supply chain
optimization and advanced retail planning solutions, unveiled the
recipients of the 2019 Accelerator Awards presented at the 2019 Velocity
Conference. This year, Follett Corporation, Siemens Healthineers,
Leupold & Stevens, Jockey International, Inc., and Smithfield Foods,
Inc. were recognized for leading transformative digital supply chain
initiatives that resulted in significant business impact through the
innovative use of people, process, technology and data.

This year’s Accelerator Awards recognize a select group of companies
that have turned to solutions from Logility, Demand Management, Inc.,
New Generation Computing, Inc. (NGC) and Halo Business Intelligence to
significantly transform and improve their business planning processes,
overcome complex supply chain challenges and tap into new data sources.
In addition, each company has demonstrated an on-going commitment and
leadership role to continuously improve their supply chain and retail
operations and embrace digital transformation to accelerate their time
to market and boost customer service.

Highlights of the 2019 Accelerator Award winners’ improvements and
operational performance include:

Follett – Fall Rush Division. Follett Corporation operates 1,200
on-campus stores and is one of the nation’s largest retailers of college
licensed apparel. The Fall Rush Division, available in more than 500
campus stores as well as through online channels, has experienced rapid
growth since its launch in August 2018. The company turned to the
Andromeda Cloud Platform® from NGC to automate and accelerate its
planning processes. Since implementing NGC’s SaaS solution, the Fall
Rush Division has reduced cycle times significantly by automating manual
processes, improving collaboration and trust with sourcing partners and
vendors, and increasing visibility and confidence to move new products
to market quickly.

Siemens Healthineers, a leading medical technology company,
operates a complex, capital intensive supply chain. Transforming the
delivery of patient care, Siemens Healthineers’ digital initiative
focuses on optimizing inventory expiry dates to cost-effectively meet
customer service goals. Siemens Healthineers turned to Demand Solutions
DSX™ cloud platform to optimize inventory investments, improve service
levels and create a healthier supply chain for confident and
cost-effective patient care. Over the past couple of years the Siemens
Healthineers team has noted a marked decreased in expired inventory
leading to reduced working capital.

Leupold & Stevens. To stay ahead of rapidly changing customer
preferences as well as potential regulatory and tariff risks, Leupold &
Stevens, a manufacturer of telescopic sights, red dot sights, spotting
scopes, and binoculars, identified an opportunity to become
demand-driven as they established a sales, inventory and operations
planning (SIOP) process. The company turned to Logility Voyager
Solutions™ and today the SIOP process helps align business stakeholders
with strategic and operational goals and foster greater collaboration
with its partners and suppliers. Since implementing the SIOP process,
the company has realized a 25 percent forecast accuracy improvement,
increased manufacturing throughput by more than 20 percent and now
enjoys a 96 percent match of supply to forecasted demand.

Jockey International, Inc., an iconic apparel brand highly
regarded for its underwear, activewear, loungewear and sleepwear
identified an opportunity to improve visibility into vendor performance
and drive increased collaboration. With NGC’s Andromeda Cloud Platform,
Jockey is able to create a connected enterprise spanning internal
departments and external partners to provide a single version of the
truth for Jockey which has helped reduce cycle time by up to 30 percent
for new product introductions. The increased visibility across
merchandising, design, product, material development, sourcing and
quality enables Jockey to closely measure and monitor vendor performance
and score carding. Leveraging the NGC Andromeda® platform has helped
free up key resources that can now focus on more strategic activities
and accelerate bringing new products to market every season.

Smithfield Foods, a global food company and the world’s largest
pork processor and hog producer, embarked on a supply chain
transformation journey to drive operational efficiencies and establish
core planning processes and principles across its brand network. The
company operates a highly complex supply chain with 45 facilities in the
United States exporting product to more than 40 countries around the
world. Smithfield worked with Logility Voyager Solutions to support its
strategic supply chain transformation and the company’s goals to reduce
complexity and gain visibility. It now has comprehensive planning
visibility and synchronization from demand through inventory, supply and
production. In addition, Smithfield has increased planning automation
and gained confidence in the planning process across the organization.

“The 2019 Accelerator Awards highlight how forward-thinking
organizations are able to drive tangible improvements in their supply
chain and retail planning initiatives by aligning people, process,
innovative technology and a variety of data sources,” said Allan Dow,
president, Logility. “We are honored to recognize each company for their
impressive achievements and look forward to working with them to support
their ongoing digital supply chain transformation initiatives.”

from 2019 Velocity Conference)

About Logility

Accelerating the digital supply chain from product concept to customer
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respond to changing market dynamics and more profitably manage their
complex global businesses. Logility Voyager Solutions™ leverage an
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to automate planning, accelerate cycle times, increase precision,
improve operating performance, break down business silos and deliver
greater visibility. Logility’s Software-as-a-Service (SaaS)-based
platform transforms sales and operations planning (S&OP) and integrated
business planning (IBP) processes; demand, inventory and replenishment
planning; global sourcing; quality and compliance management; product
life cycle management; supply and inventory optimization; manufacturing
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