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LogicStream Health™ Acquires Four New Health System Clients in First Quarter of 2019

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Health, Inc.
announced today that four major U.S. health systems
have selected The Drug Shortage App in the first three months of 2019 to
combat the nationwide drug shortage crisis.

Drug Shortage App
helps pharmacy teams save lives, time and money.
The app automates manual processes currently used by hospital and health
system teams working to mitigate drug shortages. One key benefit of the
software is its capability to proactively identify the impact of drug
shortages that matter most to clinical operations staff.

The four health systems are located in various regions of the country
including the southeast, northeast and Midwest and add to LogicStream
Health’s current client community including large health systems from
across the United States. With the addition of these new customers to
the LogicStream Health community, proprietary early warning algorithms
in The Drug Shortage App software monitoring medication ordering,
dispensation and administration activity patterns across hundreds of
hospitals becomes more accurate in proactively identifying potential

“Drug shortages are a major problem impacting patient safety, they place
an extreme burden on pharmacy teams’ time, and often negatively impact a
health system’s profitability,” said Patrick Yoder, PharmD, CEO and
co-founder of LogicStream Health. “The power of our software is its
ability to process the data collected by clinical and pharmacy teams
across hundreds of hospitals and turn it into site specific early
indicators of potential shortages and actionable recommended paths to
manage through the situation.”

The LogicStream Health community comprises several hundred hospitals
ranging from stand-alone, single-entity locations to multi-state, 50+
hospital systems.

About The Drug Shortage App from LogicStream Health™

LogicStream Health is trusted by a community of high-performing
healthcare providers across the United States. The company’s
software-as-a-service (SaaS) platform as well as The Drug Shortage App
stand alone in their ability to help customers gain instant insights to
improve vital clinical processes and better control patient care. As a
result, hospitals and health systems reduce cost and improve outcomes.
Healthcare customers are saving millions of dollars on the LogicStream
Health platform. For more information about The Drug Shortage App, visit