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Logicalis Uses Netformx Partner Incentive Tool to Increase Gross Margins

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Netformx®, a leader supporting the IT solutions lifecycle from presales to renewal for IT solution and service providers, vendors, and distributors, announced today that Logicalis, an IT solutions and managed-services provider and a Cisco Global Gold partner, is using the Netformx Partner Incentive Tool (PIT) to maximize utilization of Cisco programs and incentives and to optimize cost structures.

Identifying the best Cisco incentive programs available is a common challenge that partner sales teams encounter during the pre-sale stage. Navigating each promotion or incentive in order to understand its underlying program complexity is a time-consuming manual task. Cisco’s continuous updates and additions of new promotions adds to this challenge.

Unique in the industry, the PIT helps maximize discounts and increase gross margin in the presales process. It identifies opportunities to take action and to take advantage of Cisco rewards for aligning with their strategic direction. PIT automatically analyzes Cisco Estimates, exposes—on a single screen—all the current relevant incentives in stacks, and summarizes their impact on discount percentage.

Logicalis shared in a case study how they are using PIT to solve two issues that stood in the way of profitability: Lack of visibility and utilization of Cisco programs and incentives; and the time-consuming nature of finding and matching the best incentives that deliver optimal cost structures. PIT provides the facts Logicalis needs so they can decide to pass on or retain the additional cost savings when pricing the customer opportunity. Additionally, PIT can quickly provide documentation for Logicalis to use in discussions with Cisco to activate the discount or to document what discounts were available at the time of the quote.

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Key Facts

  • Netformx provides innovative solutions that simplify IT sales complexity and increase seller profitability.
  • The Netformx suite of applications enables IT solution providers to reduce time-to-quote 80% and reduce implementation error rates by 99%.
  • Channel partners leveraging Netformx solutions report profitability increases of over 1% and in some cases over 5%.
  • Using Netformx award-winning solutions from pre-sales to renewal, over 2,000 customers in more than 120 countries quickly and accurately create differentiated, winning multi-vendor designs, quotes, and proposals, while leveraging business insights and analytics to increase productivity and profitability.

Supporting Quotes

“Right from the start, Netformx Partner Incentive Tool (PIT) has shown itself to be extremely useful across the sales organization and beneficial to our bottom line. By automating the process of analyzing Cisco programs, PIT enables us to choose the most beneficial discounts, and then complete the quote with lightning speed. This allows us to be more profitable and more competitive as a partner.”

Renae Johnson responsible for National Cisco Alliance, Logicalis

“With Netformx Partner Incentive Tool, it takes just minutes to analyze an estimate and see the incentive options. We used to plow through emails and take hours, or sometimes even days, to analyze estimates manually—if we did it at all. And now we can quickly do ‘what if’ scenarios for situations where we don’t have deal registration, but the competitor does. PIT enables us to see how we can win the deal and enables us to be much more efficient and profitable.”

— Cari Lauters, project lead and Alliance Business Development Manager for Cisco, Logicalis

“Since they are so complex, it is typical for partners to default to their standard discount instead of researching potential promotion and incentive options. As a result, they often miss opportunities to increase their margins. Our Partner Incentive Tool automates and simplifies that process by gathering and analyzing all the details about the impact of promotions, incentives, and discounts on a deal’s bottom line. That way partners like Logicalis can be more competitive while focusing on sales, profitability, and their customers instead of spreadsheets.”

— Ittai Bareket, CEO at Netformx


About Netformx

Netformx enables partners to design and deliver multi-vendor IT solutions quickly and effectively. It helps the Cisco channel increase revenues and create an improved buying experience for their customers. Developed in close collaboration with Cisco, the Netformx application suite streamlines the sales lifecycle for pre-sales, post-sales, and subscription and renewal management. It grows profit margins by optimizing use of Cisco incentives, promotions, discounts, and rebates. Automation and powerful analytics provide business intelligence and actionable insights that enable partners to eliminate manual work, improve efficiency, collaborate, and achieve better business outcomes and customer success.

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