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LiveRamp Collaborates with Marketo to Deliver Personalized and Seamless Digital Experiences

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(NYSE: RAMP) – a leading identity platform for powering exceptional
experiences – today announced its partnership with Marketo,
an Adobe company,
to leverage IdentityLink™ from within Marketo.
Starting today, Marketo users can connect their first-party customer
data to the broader digital advertising ecosystem, enabling marketers to
create more precise and secure target lists. Through this integration,
Marketo and LiveRamp come together to advance the evolution and
convergence of marketing and advertising technology, and to deliver more
consistent brand experiences across channels for consumers.

“As people-based marketing tactics continue to gain favorability among
marketers, the role of first-party data has become even more critical,”
said Scott Howe, CEO of LiveRamp. “Marketo customers can securely
leverage their unique Marketo data for activation across online
advertising channels through IdentityLink, improving the relevancy of
one-to-one customer interactions in the digital ecosystem.”

Howe adds, “We’ve always envisioned IdentityLink as a tool to help
bridge LiveRamp’s capabilities across the traditionally siloed martech
and adtech ecosystems, and now this is the realization of that vision.”

In addition to delivering omnichannel marketing benefits to small- and
medium-sized B2C brands, B2B brands, and agencies, this type of
integration is an example of a model that LiveRamp hopes to replicate as
it builds out partnerships in new customer experience verticals.

“Marketo customers value ease-of-use when it comes to activating data
across all channels,” said Todd Watts, global head of services and
partners, Marketo. “By layering a people-based identity graph over our
UI and tying it to a statement of record, we can create a single,
centralized, secure identity that can be used for more accurate people-
and account-based targeting and true closed-loop measurement.”

This Marketo integration is powered by an IdentityLink API, which allows
marketing technology providers to build on top of LiveRamp identity
solutions, therefore bridging the gap between disparate data sources.
Marketo has customized its platform to incorporate LiveRamp’s identity
graph so that their customers can activate their data in multiple media

More information on LiveRamp and Marketo’s partnership can also be found
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