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Liquid Technology’s Earth Day Event Facilitates Positive, Environmentally Friendly ITAD For a Fourth Consecutive Year

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, an industry-leading IT asset disposition service
provider, announces that they will once again be hosting their annual
Earth Day event alongside Marcus
, a real estate and commercial property firm. Occurring on
April 18 in Norwalk, CT, the event offers tenants of the Merritt 7
office park the opportunity to easily and responsibly dispose of their
lingering IT assets.

As environmental concerns are on the rise, e-waste disposal has become
one of the most critical considerations for the technology industry. In
a recent whitepaper,
Liquid Technology reports that Americans alone throw away 9.4 million
tons of electronics every year. The dangerous metals and toxic chemicals
contained in this e-waste are often unsafely dumped into landfills
locally or overseas, seeping into groundwater and affecting local
communities and ecosystems. By taking part in Liquid Technology’s Earth
Day event, businesses located in the Merritt office park avoid
contributing to these damaging practices, establish compliance with
increasingly strict state, local, and federal regulations, and receive
critical return on investment (ROI). In 2018, this event enabled the
safe disposal of more than 750 IT assets and equipment, including PCs,
laptops, phones, servers, and more.

As a leading e-waste recycling service provider and ITAD specialist,
this annual event underscores Liquid Technology’s enduring commitment to
promoting safe and beneficial ITAD processes for businesses across a
range of industry verticals. From liquidation to data erasure and
strategic asset resale, all of Liquid Technology’s services are e-Stewards
, R2
, and ISO
14001 Certified
, ensuring all needs and regulations are met
thoroughly, easily, and with transparency. To help businesses learn more
about achieving ITAD best practices, the company has also created
several whitepapers
outlining how to create a retirement plan, certifications and more.

“Finding a reputable ITAD professional that is eco-friendly and socially
conscious can be tough, and some businesses may not even know where to
start,” notes Richard Greene, Managing Partner at Liquid Technology.
“But once a properly certified and compliant partner is found, every
business can be a champion of environmentally ethical practices during
the final and most critical stage of their equipment’s life cycle.”

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About Liquid Technology

Liquid Technology is a full-service IT asset disposition company that
offers a complete suite of services designed to help companies manage
their hardware assets. These services include Brokering and Purchasing
Excess IT Equipment, Auditable Data Destruction, Environmental Disposal
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