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Linx and Magalu Announce a New Partnership That Connects Marketplace and Physical Stores

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Linx, leading retail technology specialist, and Magalu, Brazil’s leading retail digital platform, have just announced a partnership that will allow Magalu marketplace sellers to use their physical stores as a delivery option for their products sold on the company’s platform. Now, when a customer makes a purchase on the Magalu or Netshoes website for a product sold by a seller at the time of delivery, they may choose to pick up the product at that partner’s physical store.

In order to have access to this delivery model, the marketplace seller must be a Linx OMNI OMS (Order Management System) user. With this partnership, the consumer will be able to reduce delivery time and shipping cost when buying their products. The solution gives customers access to geolocation data, which shows the nearest stores that can deliver your product quickly and more conveniently. If the option is to receive the purchase at home, sellers may use the services of Magalu and Linx logistics partners.

This experience became possible through Linx’s technology investments in the Omnichannel project. The launching of this solution has enabled Linx to become the largest benchmark on the subject in Brazil – and besides allowing several leading brands to promote digital transformation in their relationship with their consumers.

“We are making history by promoting a real Omnichannel experience, connecting Magalu’s incredible audience with admirable brands that have also turned the physical store into a showroom and distribution center,” explains Jean Klaumann, vice-president of Linx Digital.

“Through technology, we transformed Magalu in a digital platform. Now we want to help the analogue seller to also become digital and raise the level of services they offer. With this solution by Linx, analog companies will be able to make their physical store catalog products available on Magalu’s sales platform,” says Leandro Soares, Magalu’s executive director of marketplace. “Multichannel is another very important point of our strategy. We know how much our customers like to have the option to pick up in store and with this partnership we will offer this facility at the sellers´ physical stores.”

Full experience across all channels

Linx has proven to be a complete technology partner for retailers looking to integrate physical and online channels as well as leverage e-commerce. Therefore, the company can offer retail tools that enable partnerships such as the one established with Magazine Luiza, which generate benefits for the retailer, the brands that sell through it and the end customer.

In addition to all the potential benefits of the partnership, the flow in physical stores should also increase. Because of this, the retailer will be able to sell more products while to the customer who went to the store only to pick up an item purchased online.

About Magazine Luiza

Magalu is Brazil’s largest buying and selling ecosystem, a digital platform with physical points and human warmth.

Since May 2011, the company has been listed on B3’s Novo Mercado. In recent years, it has made 14 acquisitions, consolidating its national presence. Magalu currently employs about 30,000 employees and operates over 1,000 physical stores, a website and a sales app, with 14 million active users. Online sales are already responsible for 48% of total sales.

Its people management policy has been recognized with several awards. For 19 years, it has been among the best companies to work for in the rankings of VocêS/A magazine and the Great Place to Work Institute.

About Linx

Linx is a Brazilian company specializing in retail technology, and leader in the management software market, with 42.2% of retail market share, as IDC attests. All of Linx’s shopping journey expertise is transformed into key insights to achieve what retailers expect most: to build customer loyalty and achieve tangible, relevant results. Publicly traded at B3 since 2013, Linx also became the first Brazilian publicly traded software company at NYSE in 2019. The company has more than 3,000 employees distributed among its headquarters in Sao Paulo, 15 branches throughout Brazil and 5 American countries. To learn more, visit