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Lightbits Introduces SuperSSD, World’s First Ultra-High Capacity, High Performance SSD Storage Appliance

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today introduced SuperSSD, the industry’s first scalable,
Ethernet-attached SSD solution that specifically addresses the data
storage speed, capacity and reliability needs of artificial intelligence
(AI) and machine learning (ML) training systems. SuperSSD makes storage
transparent, so applications like high-speed databases, high performance
analytics and customer engagement applications can deliver optimal user

This latest solution from Lightbits, the company that championed the NVMe™/TCP
, is purpose-built for fast and massive parallel access to
data. The appliance is designed to support the scale, performance and
high-availability needs of enterprises undergoing resource intensive
digital transformation. AI and ML are prime examples of applications
that historically relied on locally-stored data on direct attached
storage (DAS) with SSDs. However, as their data sets scaled to a massive
size on distributed resources, DAS solutions become ineffective, complex
to manage, costly, and potentially at risk of being a single point of
failure. These growing needs for scale, performance and distributed
access require a new type of storage system designed for fast and
massive parallel access to data.

By virtualizing and managing a large pool of NVMe SSDs with a global
flash translation layer (GFTL), SuperSSD ensures efficient storage
utilization and wire-speed access to very large data sets. Deployed
using existing network and compute infrastructures, SuperSSD is seamless
to install, allowing data scientists to easily scale their storage reach
and performance when and where they need it.

As a plug-and-play appliance, SuperSSD offers a variety of benefits
around simplicity, performance, fault tolerance and cost efficiencies,
including the following:

  • High Capacity: Scalable from 64TB to 1PB usable capacity (field
    upgradeable) that can be shared across multiple compute nodes.
  • High Performance: Supporting up to 5 million 4K input/output
    operations per second (IOPs) and with a latency consistency of less
    than 200us with end-to-end NVMe
  • Connectivity: Dual 100GbE wire-speed performance
  • Compression: 4X data reduction or greater at line rate, increasing
    usable storage capacity while enhancing SSD endurance and accelerating
    write-intensive applications.
  • Fault tolerant: Elastic Erasure Coding (EC) isolates SSD failures,
    ensuring data protection and no service interruption.
  • Offload Application Server: Fully offloads all the storage tasks from
    the application server.
  • Computational Storage: Provides in-storage processing so that
    user-defined functions can run in the storage server to maximize
    storage bandwidth and improve application performance.
  • NVMe/TCP Simplicity: Uses standard TCP/IP network infrastructure for
    immediate shared storage supporting many applications and compute
  • Form Factor: 2U Standard Rack Server with simple plug-and-play

Partner Quotes:

“Accessing massive amounts of data with low latency is a priority for
deep learning, artificial intelligence and high performance analytics
workloads,” said Roger Peene, vice president of product planning and
strategy for Micron’s Storage Business Unit. “Solutions like Lightbits
Labs’ SuperSSD can enable customers to access large data sets with rich
data services in a low-latency, disaggregated infrastructure solution.”

“Solutions built around the speed and efficiency of NVMe over TCP offer
frictionless disaggregation for companies needing scalable storage.
Based on our deep familiarity with the founding team and their
outstanding track record, Dell Technologies Capital is excited to be an
investor supporting Lightbits Labs,” said Yair Snir, Vice President and
Managing Director, Dell Technologies Capital.

Analyst quote:

“We expect data-intensive applications such as AI and machine learning
to drive increased use of high-performance storage to ingest and process
the associated large data sets,” said Dennis Hahn, senior analyst, cloud
and data center research practice at IHS Markit. “In our recent DC
Storage Strategies Survey
, respondents indicated they are seeking
choices and options in the way they deploy their storage solutions.
Clearly, enterprises see the need for high performance and low-latency
storage that is scalable and easily accessible for applications, where
storage is accessed without the need for server software additions.”

Company quotes:

“Although it is rarely the center of the story, storage is a key
infrastructure element that enables AI and machine learning,” said
Avigdor Willenz, Founder and Chairman of the Lightbits Labs Board of
Directors. “By making fast and massive access to data available
everywhere and much simpler from start to finish, Lightbits’ SuperSSD
enters the AI market as a true storage and data infrastructure game

“AI and machine learning are exceedingly resource intensive, involving
access to distributed devices and massive amounts of data,” said Eran
Kirzner, Lightbits
CEO and Co-Founder. “As the amount of data analyzed increases,
DAS solutions become completely ineffective, complex to manage, costly
and potentially a single point of failure. By ensuring zero downtime,
SuperSSD is the only storage solution that can support continuous AI and
machine learning processes, reliably, cost-effectively, and with
high-performance and simplicity.”

The Lightbits Labs SuperSSD appliance is available for purchase now,
along with the two pioneering NVMe/TCP solutions Lightbits introduced
last month: LightOS
and the LightField
storage acceleration card

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About Lightbits Labs™

Lightbits Labs, founded in 2016, is remaking modern cloud infrastructure
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industry-leading cloud data centers around the globe. With strategic
investors including Dell Technologies Capital, Micron, SquarePeg Capital
and Walden International, and with investments from Avigdor Willenz
(Lightbits Chairman and Founder) and Lip-Bu Tan (CEO of Cadence Design
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