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Life Spine Announces Continued Revenue Growth of SIMPACT® Sacroiliac Fixation System

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Life Spine, a medical device company that designs, develops,
manufactures and markets products for the surgical treatment of spinal
disorders, announced today that they exited Q1 of 2019 at a
month-over-month sales growth rate of 73% in 2019 for the SIMPACT
Sacroiliac Joint Fixation system.

“Sacroiliac Joint dysfunction is a debilitating condition and I wanted a
solution that would help my patients to increase their quality of life
as quickly and safely as possible,” said Dr. Ali Mesiwala of the
Southern California Center for Neuroscience and Spine. “The SIMPACT
system helps me to achieve that goal with an implant design that saves
the patient from drilling, tapping or malleting an implant into place as
has been done in earlier procedures. Additionally, the system offers
intuitive instrumentation that helps to reduce my operating time which
can in turn decrease recovery time. Since introducing the system into my
practice, my patients have had outstanding results, so it is no surprise
to me that there have been such rapid adoption rates.”

About Life Spine

Life Spine is dedicated to improving the quality of life for spinal
patients by increasing procedural efficiency and efficacy through
innovative design, uncompromising quality standards, and the most
technologically advanced manufacturing platforms. Life Spine, which is
privately held, is based in Huntley, Illinois. For more information,
please visit: