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Latest VoIP Releases From CyberData Deliver Outdoor Audio And Visual Notification For A Host Of Environments

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CyberData Corporation today announced it is adding to its line of
innovative VoIP endpoints by releasing four devices for SIP-enabled and
InformaCast-enabled environments that enable audio and visual alerting,
and carry an IP66 rating for outdoor elements.

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CyberData's new SIP Outdoor Call Button (Photo: Business Wire)

CyberData’s new SIP Outdoor Call Button (Photo: Business Wire)

Releases include the SIP Outdoor RGB (Multi-Color) Strobe,
Singlewire’s InformaCast-enabled Outdoor RGB Multi-Color Strobe,
the SIP Outdoor Call Button and the Outdoor Auxiliary Strobe
, which allows users to connect to a supported CyberData IP
endpoint. Power and signaling for the Auxiliary Strobe comes from the
attached CyberData endpoint.

The Outdoor Strobe variants meet ADA requirements for telephony
signaling and notification and can be set up as part of a ring group or
page group to give visual notification of incoming calls or pages.
Multiple colors, blink rate and brightness can be selected for each of
the different activation methods. SIP and InformaCast-enabled Strobes
offer Night Ringer function via a second SIP extension.

The SIP Outdoor Call Button is a reliable solution for a
one-touch programmable call to an IP phone or page announcement. If an
event occurs, only a simple button press is required to automatically
place a call to the configured phone or extension number. When the
called number answers, the SIP Outdoor Call Button plays and
repeats a stored audio file. The SIP Outdoor Call Button can also
be configured to work in an InformaCast-enabled environment.

“We already have indoor versions of these devices but have gotten a lot
of requests for outdoor versions with an IP rating. In public spaces,
the Strobes in particular allow for signaling to the hearing-impaired,
letting them know there is an announcement. This is a safety issue and
it’s important that in any kind of unplanned event, there are devices in
place that can signal to all within that environment with both a visual
and, in the case of the SIP Outdoor Call Button, audio alert,”
said Phil Lembo, President and CEO of CyberData.

These devices can be deployed in parking lots and garages, playgrounds,
and safe houses or shelters and feature TLS 1.2 for enhanced security.

Additional features include support for 10 multicast groups for the SIP
Outdoor Strobe
, and web-based configuration and configurable event
generation for device health and status monitoring for all devices.
These are critical features required by customers such as schools and
universities and CyberData was cognizant of these requirements during
the development of these devices.

To learn more about CyberData’s IP66-rated Outdoor Visual and
Audio Alerting
devices, or any device in CyberData’s line
of VoIP endpoints, please visit

About CyberData Corporation:

CyberData Corporation, is a leading OEM design and manufacturing firm
that develops peripheral devices for VoIP phone systems that facilitate
legacy migration to VoIP, provides IP equivalents to existing analog
phone devices and delivers Unified Communications-based Application
Specific Endpoints.