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Kx Named as Google Cloud Global Technology Partner of the Year – Financial Services

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Kx announces that it has received the 2018 Google Cloud Global
Technology Partner of the Year for Financial Services award. The award
was presented today by Google Cloud, at Google
Cloud Next ‘19
in San Francisco.

Kx was recognized for the company’s achievements in the Google Cloud
ecosystem, helping joint financial services customers involved in
high-performance capital markets trading activities to scale resources
quickly for burst processing and for modelling and backtesting purposes.
In the financial services industry, where the procurement process for
acquiring new hardware can take six to nine months, having the ability
to quickly access kdb+
on GCP
to perform essential time-sensitive analytics, and then spin
those resources down when not needed, provides significant cost and
efficiency benefits.

For Kx and Google Cloud joint customers, strong results in the
independently audited 2018 Securities Trading Analysis Center (STAC)
financial trading benchmarks validated the business value of migrating
many of their kdb+ applications to GCP. Using cloud instances for the
first time, the real world STAC-M3 tests run on very large trading
datasets. The tests proved that Kx’s kdb+ time-series database, running
on GCP, was able to match or exceed the speed of the same complex
calculations as measured against previous tests using “bare metal,” a
critical requirement for financial institutions.

Glenn Wright, Senior Systems Architect at Kx said: “Offering our
software on the GCP Marketplace provides several benefits to our
customers. Our trading customers use kdb+ because they demand high
performance and extremely fast speeds to maintain their competitive edge
in market data analytics. That’s why the excellent results achieved in
the STAC-M3 benchmarks on GCP in 2018 are so important to us. They prove
the viability of running significant time-series based kdb+ applications
in the cloud.”

“We’re delighted to recognize Kx as the 2018 Google Cloud Global
Technology Partner for Financial Services for their innovative work on
behalf of Google Cloud customers over the past year,” said Kevin
Ichhpurani, Corporate Vice President, Global Partner Ecosystem at Google
Cloud. “Our ecosystem of partners is driving tremendous innovation, and
Kx’s solutions in financial trading and research are a great example.
We’re proud to provide this award to Kx and look forward to continue
building together.”

About Kx

Kx is a division of First Derivatives (FDP.L), a global technology
provider with 20 years of experience working with some of the world’s
largest finance, technology, retail, pharma, manufacturing and energy
institutions. Kx technology, incorporating the kdb+ time-series
database, is a leader in high-performance, in-memory computing,
streaming analytics and operational intelligence. Kx delivers the best
possible performance and flexibility for high-volume, data-intensive
analytics and applications across multiple industries. The Group
operates from 14 offices across Europe, North America and Asia Pacific,
including its headquarters in Newry, and employs more than 2,600 people

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