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Kronos Innovation Ecosystem Continues to Expand with New Workforce Dimensions Technology Partners

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today announced the continued growth of the Workforce
Dimensions Technology Partner Network
, expanding its innovation
ecosystem with the introduction of new partner integrations and solution
extensions that help customers solve specific business challenges across
a variety of industries.

News Facts

  • Leverage real-time Workforce Dimensions data to simplify and
    accelerate evidence-based decision making and strategy.

    • Manhattan Associates combines its market-leading supply chain
      management and productivity reporting with scheduling and
      timekeeping data from Workforce Dimensions to help organizations
      unlock newfound levels of visibility to drive even better
      omnichannel and logistics efficiencies.
    • meQuilibrium
      enables HR leaders to equip the entire workforce – both hourly and
      salaried employees – with critical resilience and agility skills
      that are proven to drive performance and engagement, and to help
      improve absence and turnover, by utilizing Workforce Dimensions
      data in its prescriptive and predictive performance analytics.
  • Build employee engagement – and deliver peace of mind – with
    financial wellness and earned wage access.

    • Branch offers instant
      access to wages earned and budgeting tools, without impacting the
      payroll process. The application utilizes Workforce Dimensions
      data to further simplify and accelerate scheduling and time-off
      self-service, flexibility, and communication through its
      engagement-oriented user interface.
    • PayActiv
      integrates with Workforce Dimensions to provide employees with
      real-time access to their earned income at any point in a given
      pay period, removing the need to seek an advance, loan, or use of
    • Salary
      Finance Advance
      lets employees see how much they’ve earned at
      any point during a given pay cycle and access up to 50% of their
      earnings without a loan or using credit before payday to cover
      unplanned and immediate expenses.
  • Streamline and simplify everyday processes to unburden employees
    and managers.

    • Axsium
      state-of-the-art work measurement platform, Opus,
      seamlessly integrates with Workforce Dimensions to provide
      location-specific labor models and standards to create better
    • Asher
      Telephone Time Punch seamlessly integrates with
      Workforce Dimensions to capture punches made by telephone – with
      the ability to log hours by cost center when necessary – ensuring
      employees receive credit for hours worked and providing managers
      with real-time visibility of remote crews.
      by WorldAPP is a highly configurable, industry-agnostic enterprise
      data collection and reporting solution that integrates with
      Workforce Dimensions to minimize manual form completion to
      streamline processes and optimize efficiency.

Supporting Quotes

  • Mike May, senior director, Workforce Dimensions Technology Partner
    Network, Kronos

    “Workforce Dimensions Technology Partners
    help Kronos customers align and integrate with the solutions their
    employees already use every day to solve critical business problems
    and improve productivity, performance, and employee engagement. The
    extensibility of Workforce Dimensions, including real-time data
    sharing enabled by the open API interface in the Kronos D5 platform,
    has resulted in a fast-growing ecosystem focused on innovation,
    usability, and value.”

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