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“Killing the Cost Center” Promises to Guide Midsize Enterprises through Digital Transformation

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In recent years, technology has advanced to such a high degree that
mid-market companies are reaching a tipping point: invest in digital
transformation or get left in the dust. In his forthcoming book, “Killing
the Cost Center
,” Saggezza’s Chris Steele shows us that any company,
regardless of industry, can become the next digital transformation
success story by following his blueprint.

Written for technology and business executives at companies and private
equity firms, “Killing the Cost Center” is an all-encompassing guide to
scaling EBITDA through digital transformation and the removal of digital
debt – the killer of midsize enterprises and former market darlings.

“A mid-market company that avoids digital transformation does so at
their own peril, and this book shows why,” Steele said. “It’s all too
common for mid-market CIOs and CMOs to be stuck between a rock and a
hard place, with the need to innovate their business but having the
pressures and budgets of operational continuity forcing them to make
tough decisions. However, not investing in innovation can destroy a
business and can also kill merger and acquisition (M&A) plans.”

In this guide, Chris Steele explains how to understand the issues, how
to form and execute a transformation plan, and how to sustain your
newly-found business agility. Readers will also learn that digital
transformation success comes from taking a complete look at the business
with a common goal of increasing innovation and technology, while
controlling risk by modernizing legacy processes.

The Cost Center
” is available for pre-order through Amazon
and will be available on Monday, April 22.

About Chris Steele

Chris Steele is Vice President and Head of Technology at Saggezza. He
has a long and deep history in organizational transformation, emergent
technology, and revenue enablement. Prior to “Killing the Cost Center,”
Chris also authored “Employee
Appraisal and Motivational Techniques in a Distributed Agile Software
Development Environment
” and is a contributing author to “Agile
Coaching: Wisdom from Practitioners

About Saggezza

Saggezza is a Chicago-based global management consulting and technology
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