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Kids’ Books Goes Mobile with Booka Originals

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Children’s ebooks distributor Booka ( launches in-house production of its own digital content for young readers and their parents – Booka Originals.

Andrey Mishenev, CEO at Booka: “Our main goal is to make reading experience unlimited and smooth for children. They all have mobile devices, so kids’ books have to go mobile. Making ebook copies from paper books is not enough, because of many issues with font and picture sizes, that makes some e-copies not suitable for reading on mobile devices. Creating content originally for mobile devices is what we do in Booka, so everything is bright and readable on a screen.”

Booka Originals already contains more than one hundred of titles in top kids’ books categories: animals, nature, science, space, social skills, my day, as well as educational series: learning to read, count, shapes and colors.

The titles available at Booka aren’t tedious textbooks. The offerings feature exciting content and vibrant illustrations that foster a love of reading, exploration, and life-long learning. Adults can read the digital publications to children and the app is also equipped with a text-to-speech feature for older youngsters that want to read on their own.

“We see a great demand for high-quality and carefully produced children’s ebooks for mobile devices. Our reading statistics tells that books with a better layout for mobile devices generates up to 30% more reading pages per session.” – Andrey Mishenev says.

The Booka team produces all original content in English, Spanish and German languages and plans to maintain production to cover all demanded children’s books categories and interests. The editorial team also follows all recommendations to create content for a specific age group within Booka app.

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Booka is an international children’s books distributor and producer. Booka is available on iPhone and Android devices with a 7-days free trial period for all customers.