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Keynotes Announced for Percona Live ONLINE Conference – Focused on the Business Impact of Open Source Software

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Percona, a leader in open source database software and services, today announced keynote speakers for the Percona Live ONLINE Open Source Database Conference 2021. On Wednesday, May 12 at Noon Eastern there will be back-to-back 20-minute keynotes examining the business implications of open source software.

Peter Zaitsev, CEO of Percona, will deliver a state of the market address covering the growth of open source database software adoption, and how cloud providers and open source licensing are changing the market.

Amanda Brock, CEO of OpenUK, will then present her extensive research on the business of open source, including revenue models and legal considerations. She will offer perspective on the past decade and her optimistic view of where the open source ecosystem is headed.

Co-founder and General Counsel Luis Villa of Tidelift will talk about his perspective on open source software licenses and what the future holds. Villa was at Mozilla leading the revision of the Mozilla Public License and has served on the board of the Open Source Initiative.

On the second day of the conference, Thursday, May 13 starting at Noon Eastern, there will be a series of 15-minute keynotes which look at collaboration in open source projects, as well as the transition to new roles for database administrators as enterprises go through digital transformation.

Kaj Arnö, CEO of the MariaDB Foundation, will discuss often overlooked communication and collaboration in open source projects and software development in order to achieve an open, transparent development process.

Frédéric Descamps, community manager for MySQL at Oracle, will talk about the latest features in MySQL 8.0.

Patrick McFaddin, vice president of developer relations at Datastax, will examine the transformation to cloud-native architectures that require unprecedented levels of scale and the impact on job skills. Increasingly, database administrators are transitioning to new responsibilities as Site Reliability Engineers (SREs), one of the fastest-growing jobs in technology.

Dor Laor, CEO of ScyllaDB, will review the six years of development of ScyllaDB, and future plans.

Percona Live ONLINE features more than 150 expert speakers, over 160 hours of content, across 200 sessions, representing dozens of projects, communities, and tech companies.

Speakers from Groupon, HubSpot, LinkedIn, PayPal, Shopify and Uber have been selected, along with those providing insight from leading data management companies including Elastic, Huawei Technologies, MariaDB and Yandex.

Percona Live is a community-focused event for database developers, administrators, and decision-makers to share their knowledge and experiences as data increasingly drives decision making.

Attracting thousands of attendees from around the globe, Percona Live is the longest-running, largest, independent conference dedicated to the vast ecosystem of open source database technologies.

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