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Key Resources Inc. Launches Enhanced Reporting Capabilities for z/Assure® VAP, Enabling Standardized Mainframe Risk Management

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Key Resources Inc., the leader in mainframe vulnerability scanning solutions and consultancy, today announced several scanning, reporting and deployment enhancements to its z/Assure® Vulnerability Analysis Product (VAP). The addition of new data fields, a historical vulnerability database, and the ability to merge historical data from multiple systems will make it easier for enterprises to consistently report on risks to mainframe security and integrity.

For the first time, organizations will have the data they need to identify system and provider weaknesses before an adverse event occurs, while maintaining compliance. As the director of risk management for one financial Institution explained, “This historical vulnerability database provides us with the last piece we required in order to report on a comprehensive set of risk metrics to our management on the state of cybersecurity within our organization.”

Effective risk management programs are built on accurate data and standardized reporting,” said Ray Overby, CTO and co-founder of Key Resources Inc. “The goal of z/Assure VAP 3.0 is to standardize mainframe code vulnerability risk reporting across security platforms, which will allow businesses to promote a holistic, risk-focused culture for the mainframe. We are giving organizations a framework to gather data that can be used to improve vulnerability outcomes.”

z/Assure VAP is the only product on the market that can identify vulnerabilities in mainframe operating system code and automatically scan for compromises to mainframe integrity. As a powerful complement to popular enterprise security managers (ESM) like RACF, ACF2 and Top Secret, z/Assure VAP is used by enterprise organizations in finance, healthcare and government to protect the sensitive data that powers billions of mission-critical transactions each day.

Important enhancements in z/Assure VAP 3.0 include:

  • A historical vulnerability database to improve the focus on mainframe risks and support the effective coordination of regulatory and compliance responsibilities
  • Report enhancements, including the following new data fields to standardize reporting with ESM systems:

    • Discovery Date / Time
    • Last Found Date / Time
    • Number of times found
  • Easier deployment capabilities that will reduce z/Assure VAP installation time by 50 percent
  • Scanning support for APF libraries, to provide increased coverage when scanning for vulnerabilities

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About Key Resources Inc.

Key Resources Inc. is the leading expert on mainframe security vulnerabilities, empowering some of the world’s largest corporations in finance, insurance, healthcare and beyond to keep their most important IT systems secure. Since 1988, Key Resources Inc. has provided software, services and consulting to enterprises running critical apps on IBM® z/OS. We help CIOs, CISOs and programmers take control of mainframe security so they can protect their data, avoid costly breaches and maintain regulatory compliance. To learn more, visit