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Kestra Financial Continues to Transform its Technology Offerings

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Financial, Inc.
(Kestra Financial) announced the successful
implementation of a number of enhancements to its innovative technology
offering, including the redesign of AdvisorComplete, the firm’s
proprietary technology platform that acts as the centralized hub for all
day-to-day activities of advisors and their staff.

The firm’s latest enhancements include:

  • An upgraded AdvisorComplete experience. AdvisorComplete is a
    web-based system advisors can access from any device with single
    sign-on capability that connects advisors to their trusted operational
    and financial applications. The latest version offers a personalized
    experience that allows users to customize the menus, widgets, and
    landing pages with content relevant to their business and their role.
    In addition, a new search engine, more than 370 pages of informational
    material and self-service content, and new integrated tools were
    added. Thousands of advisors and staff have successfully transitioned
    to the enhanced platform, which operates 70% faster, on average, than
    the previous version.
  • Entreda security agent. This important new feature works
    behind-the-scenes to communicate potential cybersecurity risks to
    Kestra Financial’s home office. It is designed to complement, not
    replace, existing antivirus, anti-malware, or encryption software.
    Through its implementation, the technology team has identified and
    addressed more than 2,000 unique vulnerabilities.
  • eMoney integration. Since adding eMoney’s
    industry-leading wealth management and financial planning platform
    last year, Kestra Financial advisors have leveraged its document
    vault, client portal, and account aggregation tools all integrated
    with AdvisorComplete through single sign-on.
  • Compliant client texting. Advisors now have a way to
    communicate easily and efficiently with their clients by compliantly
    texting through a mobile application developed by CellTrust.
  • Digital onboarding portal. Key aspects of the advisor
    onboarding process have been consolidated into an online portal within
    AdvisorComplete, improving the efficiency of Kestra Financial’s
    transition processes and reducing physical paperwork by approximately
    80%. Through a more digital and personalized workflow, Kestra
    Financial is providing a customized, user-friendly experience and
    seamless transition process for advisors and their staff, while also
    providing an early opportunity to experience AdvisorComplete during

“We are committed to empowering advisor success, and technology is a key
component of our offering,” said Kevin Witt, Chief Technology Officer at
Kestra Financial. “As part of our technology enhancements, we collected
feedback from hundreds of advisors to design an integrated, customized
system that would improve the day-to-day advisor experience, starting
from onboarding on day one.”

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About Kestra Financial

Kestra Financial, Inc. (Kestra Financial) provides a leading independent
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and provide superior client service. With a culture rich in reinvention
and advisor advocacy, Kestra Financial has developed integrated business
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Headquartered in the “Silicon Hills” of Austin, Texas, Kestra Financial
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