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Kasasa Named Finalist in 2019 Greater Austin Business Awards

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Kasasa®, an award-winning financial technology and marketing provider, announced that it has been selected as a finalist in the Company Culture and Innovation categories for the 2019 Greater Austin Business Awards.

Presented by the Austin Chamber of Commerce, the awards recognize businesses and organizations for achievements, community contributions and milestones. It is the largest business event in Central Texas, bringing together 1,000 business leaders, entrepreneurs, organizations, government officials and regional chambers. The winners of each category will be announced at the Greater Austin Business Award ceremony on August 21, 2019.

The Company Culture category recognizes companies that foster a creative, collaborative workplace culture to enhance performance and sustain a competitive advantage with proven employee retention rates. Kasasa has built a strong company culture based on its four core values – Interdependence, 5-Star Leadership, Love and Badassitude. Yes, Badassitude. These values encourage team members to accomplish their goals, confront situations with compassion and kindness, build world-class product offerings and rely heavily on the cohesiveness of the team. In the same way Kasasa helps unify community banks and credit unions, its employees seek to serve as a unified front. Kasasa’s core values enable team members to do so by serving as the foundation on which every team member’s personal and professional interactions rest.

Kasasa offers numerous opportunities for team members to give back to one another within the organization, leaving a positive impact on the company’s culture. The most tangible expression of the Kasasa team’s generosity is the Love Fund, created as a way to demonstrate emotional and financial support for coworkers through contributions that help employees with health issues, emergency situations or other financial hardships. The company also supports ten “bar camps,” or employee-run resource groups, that meet on topics such as diversity and inclusion, gender equality and parenting, among others. Additionally, the company offers programs like tuition reimbursement, leadership training, Ka-POW (Kasasa Professional Organization of Women), job shadowing, personal development plans and education budgets for every department.

“We are honored to be recognized as a finalist in the Company Culture category of the Greater Austin Business Awards this year,” said Gabriel Krajicek, CEO of Kasasa. “Our employees are crucial to our growth and success, and we strive to sustain and support a team of happy and productive employees who are motivated, empowered and valued for their contribution to our mission.”

The Innovation category recognizes companies that disrupt their market with a new product of service. Known for reinventing checking, Kasasa recently reinvented lending with its Kasasa Loan®, changing the way people think about borrowing money with a new concept called Take-Backs™. It is the only loan that allows the borrower to pay ahead to reduce debt but also take that extra back if needed, making it the most people-friendly loan available today.

Krajicek said, “At Kasasa, we strive to offer community banks and credit unions innovative products that help them compete against megabanks and neobanks for a larger share of the market. We are proud of the impact the Kasasa Loan has had and excited to see it recognized.”

About Kasasa

Based in Austin, Texas with 450 employees, Kasasa® is a financial technology and marketing provider committed to driving results for over 900 community financial institutions by attracting, engaging, and retaining consumers. Kasasa does this through branded retail products, world class marketing, and expert consulting. For more information, please visit, or visit them on Twitter, Facebook, or LinkedIn.