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Kasasa Launches Kasasa Care™ to Help Financial Institutions Generate Non-Interest Income

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Kasasa®, an award-winning financial technology and marketing provider, announced its latest offering, Kasasa Care™, an online marketplace and referral program developed to offer non-interest income partner products and services consumers are proven to want.

Due to the fluctuating rate environment, community financial institutions have experienced an increased need to drive consumer-friendly, non-interest income. Unfortunately, it’s difficult to know which value-add products to offer, to train and incentivize frontline staff, and to centralize and act on data to effectively market those products.

Kasasa Care is a turn-key digital program that poses no additional operational burden. Community banks and credit unions receive referral income from three key categories of consumer products – health, protection and life – without having to lift a finger, all while maintaining full control of which referral programs to enable. Kasasa Care helps financial institutions offer the products that consumers value so they can compete against megabanks for their fair share of the market.

Additionally, Kasasa conducted research to know which products consumers value by analyzing transactions of millions of Kasasa account holders. The results were clear. Consumers want value-add offers from their financial institution. In fact, 91% of consumers would accept a free prescription discount card, 86% would consider a vision or dental plan, and 60% would take advantage of an identity theft protection and credit monitoring service.

These consumer insights are a part of the extensive support community financial institutions receive with Kasasa Care. Additionally, Kasasa manages referral partner relationships to ensure banks and credit unions receive a referral credit for each successful referral marketing transaction. A lifecycle marketing program, which automatically delivers personalized email offers, is also included and upgraded constantly.

“One of the best ways to increase non-interest income is by delivering new offers that consumers want or already purchase from other companies,” said Keith Brannan, Chief Marketing Officer of Kasasa. “Whether account holders are looking for identity protection, asset protection or prescription savings, launching these types of offers is made easy with Kasasa Care. This online marketplace and referral program allows community financial institutions to deepen relationships with their consumers beyond what they may have imagined possible. Non-interest income is about to change forever.”

About Kasasa

Based in Austin, Texas with 450 employees, Kasasa® is a financial technology and marketing provider committed to driving results for over 900 community financial institutions by attracting, engaging, and retaining consumers. Kasasa does this through branded retail products, world class marketing, and expert consulting. For more information, please visit, or visit them on Twitter or LinkedIn.