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K2View Announces General Availability of K2View Fabric 6.1

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K2View, a leading provider of real-time DataOps and data management solutions, today announced the general availability of K2View Fabric version 6.1, the latest version of K2View’s flagship solution. K2View Fabric uses K2View’s patented micro-database technology to sync, store and serve data modeled around a digital entity – a digital version of a person, place or thing, created out of its data.

“Whether it’s data privacy, moving to the cloud or even simply understanding your customer, data access and availability continue to be the most consistent challenge for modern organizations,” said Achi Rotem, K2View co-founder and CTO. “With the innovation of the digital entity, K2View Fabric enables organizations to take a data-first approach, removing the constraints of legacy technologies. K2View Fabric 6.1 furthers that vision by accelerating implementations and improving data integration capabilities for our customers.”

As K2View’s flagship product, K2View Fabric allows organizations to embrace a DataOps methodology, which is focused on the collection of people, processes and technology that can deliver the right data, to the right place, at the right time. K2View Fabric delivers a fundamentally different approach to data, enabling organizations to model, sync, store and serve data based on their own requirements, rather than being forced into a specific structure by a vendor or application. Furthermore, once a digital entity is created, data from that entity can be securely surfaced virtually anywhere by web or microservices.

Key features in K2View Fabric 6.1 include:

  • Data Integration Capabilities – K2View Fabric now includes CDC (change data capture) for any consumer that needs real-time data pushed from K2View Fabric
  • Digital Entity Search – ElasticSearch integration and security improvements
  • Simplified Operations – Additional user experience and system operation improvements

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About K2View

K2View is a leading provider of advanced data fabric, data integration, and data delivery software that takes the promise of a 360-degree view of data to the next level. Its flagship solution, K2View Fabric, uses patented logical unit technology to enable quick, easy, and secure access and control to all of an organization’s data, no matter how many different systems and data sources it may have.

K2View delivers real-time, holistic access and operational insights to whatever data matters most to organizations in any industry, right when they need it, accelerating transformations in customer experience, cloud enablement, operations, IT modernization, and risk and compliance.

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