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Japan Post Adopts Box to Create a Secure Digital Workplace

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Box, Inc. (NYSE: BOX), the leading Content Cloud, today announced that Japan Post has selected Box as its Content Cloud platform for securely sharing information both internally and externally with business partners.

As many companies accelerate their digital transformation, as a first step, they are developing digital workplaces to enable all-new ways of working in a secure environment. In this context, Japan Post is no exception. In order to promote collaboration not only within the company, but also with its business partners such as local governments and other companies, the company is shifting to the cloud and promoting digitalization, along with new security measures, and is working to change the traditional way of working.

Japan Post will leverage Box for internal and external collaboration, enabling employees and partners to securely share files from Box, cutting down on email attachments from outside the company that create security risks. As a countermeasure against the ever-increasing number of targeted attack e-mails, files attached to e-mails will be quarantined once in the cloud and stored in Box so that they can be received safely by Japan Post employees. By using the Box Content Cloud, Japan Post is also hoping to solve the capacity shortage of its existing file server.

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