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Ittiam Augments Edcon’s Retail Business Intelligence Through Its AI Powered IttiamInsite Service.

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Ittiam Systems, provider of retail business intelligence through its IttiamInsite Software-as-a-Service (SaaS), announced successful deployment of its visual analytics service at Edgars and Jet multi-brand retail stores located across several cities in South Africa.

IttiamInsite provides accurate information on footfall, walk-by traffic, traffic patterns in zones, shopper directions, and anonymized demographics. A retail analytics centric dashboard presents a comprehensive analysis of the insights behind this vast information. Using efficient edge computing units running best-in-class computer vision and deep learning algorithms, IttiamInsite analyzes customer journey in a store. This is enabling brands with physical stores to compete with online shopping or to augment their Omni-channel presence. Easy to install and configure, IttiamInsite service is available worldwide through a well-represented installer and support network.

“Equipped with store level insights of shopper to sales conversion, our businesses can now take data driven actions for operational efficiencies,” said Mike Elliott, CEO, Edgars. He added, “IttiamInsite’s ability to provide these retail analytics solutions with accuracy and reliability was crucial in selecting them as our analytics solution partner.”

“We are excited to collaborate with a leading retail brand like Edcon to support their in-store analytics. Our solutions provide vital data that link shopper traffic in a store to eventual sales. This enables store managers and marketing teams to customize their operations and promotions at a store.” said Mukund Srinivasan, Chief Business Officer of Ittiam.

About IttiamInsite

IttiamInsite is a retail focused business intelligence solution offered by Ittiam through a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) model. IttiamInsite is the future of shopper analytics for businesses within physical spaces, integrating multiple sources of visual, statistical, and environmental data into one comprehensive, easy-to-use service. With over million people a month being processed through its sensors deployed across the world, IttiamInsite service provides shopper traffic analysis for many leading global brands.

About Ittiam

Ittiam Systems is a trusted solutions provider to world leaders in multimedia, enabling next generation experiences through its complete suite of intelligent audio-video technologies, systems and solutions. Backed by its proven multimedia expertise and insights, Ittiam’s products deliver real intelligence to solve its customers’ most complex technology challenges, empowering them to deliver high performance, efficient and reliable audio-video products in rapid time. Ittiam’s solutions are at the heart of millions of lifestyle products that drive mobility, content access, networking and sharing.

About Edcon

Edcon is one of Southern Africa’s largest non-food retailers. They have been in operation for 90 years. They operate their business under four principal divisions throughout Southern Africa:

  • Edgars is South Africa’s leading fashion retailer, offering a wide variety of Fashion, Beauty and Homeware. Showcasing a portfolio of desired and recognisable international and local brands Edgars enables South Africans to express themselves for all occasions.
  • Jet addresses the lifestyle needs of the value conscious customer in clothing, home and beauty without compromising aspirations.
  • CNA, your favourite stationery store offers a premium range of stationery, educational lines, arts and craft lines, gifting solutions and so much more.
  • The Thank U division is a newly formed Operating Division focused on enhancing the customer journey through convenient, personalised access to products and services through both physical and digital sales channels. It includes credit, insurance, cellular, e-commerce, and our loyalty programme. Thank U is one of the largest rewards programmes in sub-Saharan Africa.

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