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IT Total Care New Co-Managed IT Promises Relief to Strapped SMB IT Teams

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As businesses become more dependent on enabling technologies, IT managers and employees have found themselves confronting a chronic condition: They’re so overwhelmed they can’t keep up – not with routine maintenance, needed improvements, and promising innovations.

Now IT Total Care Inc., a San Francisco Bay Area outsourced IT support provider, is offering small to mid-sized businesses with their own IT departments an alternative to either hiring more or doing less.

It’s called Co-Managed IT.

Co-managed IT doesn’t substitute internal IT resources. Instead, it augments them. It allows companies to “lease” IT Total Care’s elastic staff to work with their existing staff. The company’s IT department remains in control, deploying the additional resources IT Total Care offers when, where, and how they’re needed.

The service offers many other advantages. Among the foremost of them: It extends to internal IT departments a set of powerful IT tools, such a remote management and monitoring, ticket tracking, and asset auditing.

“It’s a 24/7 job to keep a company’s IT at peak performance, without disruption, and safe from cyber-threats,” says IT Total Care CEO and founder Anthony Moraros. “Our co-managed IT service represents one of the most flexible ways for companies to get more out their IT investment – and without taking a more of a toll on already stressed IT employees.”

This announcement represents the formalization of a service IT Total Care already has been offering.

“We already have a portfolio of successful co-managed IT engagements,” says Moraros. “One client uses us to handle Tier 1 desktop support, while their internal staff deals with the network, servers, and special projects, while another tackles Tier 1 and leaves the rest to us.”

For one-person internal IT departments, IT Total Care’s Co-Managed IT service can be deployed to deal with “brush fires” and to free up time for dealing with unaddressed maintenance issues. A multi-person IT staff can leverage the service to address a niche need, to deal with short-term project work, or concentrate on business applications development.

IT Total Care has been operating since 2001. During that time, it’s worked with more than 2,000 different Bay Area companies across a variety of industries.