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IT Decision-Makers Cite Automation as Top Priority in Enterprise Mobility Strategies

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the leading Enterprise Technology Management provider, today releases
research that puts automation at the top of the enterprise mobility
agenda for Information Technology Decision-Makers (ITDMs). According to
the research, almost every enterprise ITDM either plans to (50 percent)
or is currently deploying (38 percent) automation in their enterprise
mobility program(s).

Three-quarters of all respondents reported that their current
intelligent automation projects were already delivering a clear return
on investment. When asked which future technology was most important to
enterprise mobility strategy, AI-driven automation was cited as the
number one innovation.

The research also shows that among firms who already have automation
initiatives underway, 42 percent have fully implemented automation
projects, 37 percent are still in the piloting stage and 21 percent are
expanding efforts. For most immature automation initiatives, the current
focus is primarily early research and development.

“Enterprises want to leverage automation technology to drive their
mobility strategies, which means they must have the right resources in
place—both in terms of technology and people,ʺ said Bob Irwin, Tangoe
CEO. “We have been working closely with our customers to help centralize
their technology systems and provide enhanced control of their
operations. Our automation technologies accelerate processes beyond what
is manually possible, while reducing the workload of repetitive,
everyday tasks, allowing teams to focus on more important work that
requires deeper focus and creativity.ʺ

Why are enterprises embracing automation? Top reasons cited in the
research include better customer response times (43 percent), improved
customer experiences (42 percent) and a rise in productivity (42
percent). Other reasons cited include lower operational costs (41
percent), enhanced worker satisfaction through manual task elimination
(40 percent), streamlined business processes (38 percent) and improved
visibility into device usage (38 percent).

The research, which asked respondents to share their views on the future
of enterprise mobility, found that ITDMs predict most Fortune 1000
companies will have successfully integrated Artificial Intelligence (AI)
and Machine Learning (ML) into their enterprise mobile strategies by

As businesses continue to implement digital transformation initiatives,
2019 will create significant changes—and opportunities—across the
enterprise mobility environment. A resource outlining the five key areas
predicted to experience the most change in 2019 can be downloaded on Tangoe’s

The IDG Research referenced above surveyed 100 US ITDMs (manager level
or above) at companies with at least 5,000 employees. The survey was
conducted between August 29, 2018 and September 5, 2018.

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