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ISSQUARED Inc. Acquires Network Computing Architects, Inc.

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ISSQUARED Inc., a global provider of Information Technology (IT)
security, hybrid cloud infrastructure, networking and software
solutions, today announced the completion of its acquisition of Network
Computing Architects, Inc. (NCA). This expands ISSQUARED’s reach with
local offices in Washington, Oregon, Texas, and California, serving more
than 1,000 enterprises and small to mid-sized businesses globally.

“This acquisition brings together two companies with a solid reputation
for delivering superior performance and strong customer satisfaction,”
said Bala Ramaiah, Chief Executive Officer, ISSQUARED®.
“Together, we are in a stronger position to provide better value and a
comprehensive range of products and services to our customers in an
evolving technology market. Our top priority is to ensure that NCA’s
customers can quickly leverage the capabilities and software offerings
that ISSQUARED®’s customers enjoy today. Our ORSUS™ software
suite will deliver significant value to NCA’s customers: ORSUS™ modules
include Organization Management, Workforce Management, Portfolio
Management, Asset Management, Sourcing Management, Identity & Access
Management, and Compliance Management.”

Founded in 1992 in Bellevue, Washington, NCA provides network management
and IT security solutions. The company is a leading provider of
telecommunication carrier services to businesses. Tom Gobeille, Chief
Executive Officer of NCA, has been appointed Vice President and Chief
Evangelist. “We have built a solid reputation of solving challenging
problems for our customers,” said Gobeille. “As the market evolves and
migrates to the cloud, we are strategically positioned with ISSQUARED®
to deliver innovative solutions to our customer base.”

“This acquisition further builds on the vision of our CEO, Bala Ramaiah,
that aims to drive customer growth significantly. We see tremendous
opportunity in cloud and security offerings, and in the adoption of
ORSUS™, our software solution, with the expanded customer base,” added
Suchinth Kumar, Chief Revenue Officer for ISSQUARED®.

The combined company remains headquartered in the Greater Los Angeles


ISSQUARED® provides IT infrastructure services in cloud,
server management, network management, virtualization solutions, cyber
security, and data management. The company was named one of INC.
Magazine’s 5000 fastest growing companies in the U.S. four years in a
row. ORSUS™ is ISSQUARED’s software solution.

Founded in 2010 in Southern California, its global presence includes the
UK, Ireland, India, Singapore, the Middle East and the U.S. Visit