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ISID Announces World’s First “Ethical Consumption” Demonstration Experiment to Change the Future of Consumption in France

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Information Services International-Dentsu, Ltd. (TOKYO:4812)(Head
office: Minato-ku, Tokyo; President and CEO: Ryoichi Nawa, hereinafter,
“ISID”), SIVIRA Inc. (Head office: Nishi-ku, Osaka; CEO: Takashi Fujii,
hereinafter,”SIVIRA”) and Le Comité d’Expansion Économique du Val d’Oise
(President: Philippe Sueur, hereinafter, “CEEVO”) may demonstrate
technologies such as blockchain and NFC-enabled hardware wallets to
visualize and consume ethical consumption*1 behavior in connection with
the 17 goals of SDGs*2 and build a new economic zone. The
experimentation will be implemented in Paris region and the Val d’Oise –
France with the support of the CEEVO, the Val d’Oise Economic
Development and Attractiveness agency and M. Joël BOILLEAUT, Vice
Chairman and Treasurer of the “Master Chef of French Cuisine”, Vice
Chairman of the “FERRANDI High School” in Paris, and Elected
representative of the Val d’Oise Chamber of commerce. In this
experiment, by implementing “Token Economy Protocol *3” jointly
developed by ISID and SIVIRA, the world’s first mechanism for granting
tokens decentralized from general protocol is realized (ISID survey). It
is also the world’s first case of an information distribution system
that promotes “ethical consumption” (ISID survey).

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Organic wine from Katsuki Wines whose production and distribution traceability is guaranteed by bloc ...

Organic wine from Katsuki Wines whose production and distribution traceability is guaranteed by blockchain (Photo: Business Wire)

Period: Wednesday, May 8, 2019-Friday, May 10 Place: Restaurant
“Zebra” (Paris, France)

[Points of experiment]

Conducted at a restaurant in France where ethical consumption is


Air transport and provision of organic wines that are completely
resistant to pesticides and plant compost in Aya-town, Miyazaki
Prefecture, Japan.

(3) Encourage customers with an environmentally conscious production
philosophy, not price or taste.
(4) Associate the customer’s order behavior with SDGs 17 goals and
visualize it.
(5) Implement the token economy protocol, and realize the world first
mechanism for granting tokens from the protocol.
(6) Reduces users’ psychological barriers with gameUX with NFC-enabled
hardware wallet *4.

Social Significance

Ethical consumption, which emphasizes social and environmental
considerations in selecting products and services, has gained global
attention as a new form of consumption, particularly in Europe. In
France and the United Kingdom, where environmental awareness and
consideration for the weak are taken culturally, there are multiple
consumer communities called ethical consumers, and values such as
“consumption for others” and “consumption for the future.” There is a
view. There are various value criteria for product selection.

However, product information that such a new consumer needs can not be
expressed by conventional indicators such as price, material, and
quality. Ethical consumers need information such as, for example, “the
degree of consideration for the environment”, “the state of maintenance
of animal abuse prevention measures”, “mechanism for delivering
information to consumers in a reliable manner” will do. It was created
with such a production philosophy. In addition, in such a new
consumption society, each person’s moral consumption behavior itself is
considered to be a contribution to the global environment, and there is
an aspect that leads to its trust and evaluation.

This demonstration experiment is a unique approach in the world that
aims to visualize the supply chain of consumption based on various value
standards by using technology and to lead and promote the ethical
consumption culture.

Experiment Scope

For this experiment, Katsuki Wines, Aya Town, Miyazaki Prefecture, which
runs a winery that is fully pesticide-free and planted compost, fully
cooperates with everything from soil preparation to planting,
harvesting, brewing, processing, shipping and transportation. All the
history of 50 bottled organic wines has been recorded in the block
chain. France, the world’s largest wine country, and from the old days
there has been a strong production of organic wine. The fact that wine
brought in from Japan is “chemical-free” is not added value, and “taste”
is not included in the evaluation.

Under these circumstances, how Katsuki Wines’ production philosophy,
which focuses on wine making with minimal impact on natural ecosystems,
can be appealed in an easy-to-understand manner, and the behavior can be
further nurtured to the customer’s own evaluation. The focus of this
experiment is to create a new user experience.

Technological Innovation

ISID and SIVIRA have collaborated with Aya town, Miyazaki Prefecture to
establish a traceability system that records and visualizes the
production and distribution history of organic agricultural products
using blockchain.

This time, in addition to this system, we will prepare 17 kinds of
NFC-enabled hardware wallets that are anthropomorphic to the 17 goals of
SDGs. The customer can understand at a glance that ordering Katsuki
Wines can contribute to Goal 13 (Climate Change) and Goal 15 (Land

Furthermore, the most innovative is that ISID and SIVIRA have
implemented the token economy protocol, which has been developed through
demonstration experiments, for the first time. This means that new
values that can not be evaluated by conventional common sense are
defined as tokens, and it is demonstrated that the concept of “token
economy” that can be justified and distributed without any allegory or
distortion can be physically realized. Finally, we donate all sales from
the experiment to the restoration of Notre Dame Cathedral.

*1   Ethical consumption: the behavior and philosophy of selectively
consuming products and services produced with emphasis on
environmental and human impact, and contribution to society.
*2 SDGs: The Sustainable Development Goals are a collection of 17
global goals set by the United Nations General Assembly in 2015 for
the year 2030.
*3 Token Economy Protocol: A generic middleware protocol that is to
realize a “token economy” in which all assets and data defined on
the blockchain, ie, tokens, are valid as a means of exercising
rights based on personal values and various applications can
cooperate with each other in the same block chain environment.

NFC hardware wallet: A wallet that implements a mechanism to
secure a quick transaction signature by storing the user’s private
key on a contactless IC terminal and reading it from an
NFC-enabled mobile device. In this demonstration experiment, it is
used as a wallet that manages tokens associated with SDGs 17 goals.


[Reference materials]

About Token Economy Protocol:

Token Economy Protocol is a generic middleware protocol that is to
realize a “token economy” in which all assets and data defined on the
blockchain, ie, tokens, are valid as a means of exercising rights based
on personal values. And various applications can be co-operated with
each other in the same block chain environment. A non-tamperable,
decentralized token economy protocol that enables tokens to be issued
and distributed according to a common idea, and a specific philosophy.
It is the concept different from the existing capitalism economy and
that it is said that a new economy will be created where the value is
evaluated based on the sense of value.

About Open Innovation Lab.

The OPEN INNOVATION LAB., which ISID established in April 2011, works on
technology research and service development in collaboration with
companies and educational institutions in order to put various advanced
technologies into practical use. Making prototype with technologies –
which is neither research nor inquiry – is the very mission of OPEN
INNOVATION LAB. It has collaborated with not only companies but also
individuals transcending nationalities, generations and industry

About SIVIRA Inc.

SIVIRA is a Japanese-based venture company that provides advanced
blockchain research and development and solutions. SIVIRA has previously
developed blockchain mechanisms in areas other than FinTech, and in this
project, SIVIRA provides technology and knowledge on blockchain.

About CEEVO (Le Comité d’Expansion Économique du Val d’Oise)

The CEEVO (Economic Expansion Committee of Val d’Oise), is at the
service of businesses, residents and elected officials of the
Department. Economic Development Agency of the Val d’Oise (Paris
Ile-de-France Region), the Economic Expansion Committee (CEEVO) supports
the projects of business establishments and provides free assistance and
data for the selection of products real estate business.