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Is Predictive Analytics Transforming the Transportation Industry As Expected? | Here’s What Quantzig’s Analytics Experts Think

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Quantzig, a global data analytics and advisory firm, that delivers actionable analytics solutions to resolve complex business problems has announced the completion of its latest article that analyzes the role of predictive analytics in the transportation industry.

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The article offers detailed insights into how predictive analytics is transforming the transportation industry.

By offering newer ways of gathering novel information about transport infrastructure, predictive analytics paves the way for the shift from passive approaches to innovative transport solutions. Request a FREE proposal to learn more about its use cases in the transportation industry.

The transportation industry can leverage predictive analytics and data mining techniques to find solutions to transport problems such as traffic and transport network congestion across the globe. Predictive analytics can be used to analyze the vast amounts of information generated through internal and external sources such as live public transit data, train schedules, and bus feeds. Such insights procured through the use of predictive analytics can be utilized to plan routes, reduce traffic and bottlenecks, and get individuals from one place to the other.

Predictive analytics solutions offer decision-makers the insights required to foresee developments, respond to challenges proactively, and capitalize on future trends. Speak to our analytics experts and learn how predictive analytics can help your business.

Is it a must-read?

  1. If you’re someone who’s looking to enter or expand your footprint in the transport and logistics industry, this article offers detailed insights into why you should leverage predictive modeling.
  2. Learn how predictive analytics in the transportation industry is a big deal.
  3. Know how predictive modeling can be used to transform the way companies operate.

According to Quantzig’s predictive analytics experts, “The advent of big data is enabling the development and implementation of predictive analytics for a range of applications, including safe driving and driver retention.”

We can help you predict what will happen next, so you can make smarter decisions for your organization. Book a FREE Demo to know more.

Predictive Analytics in the Transportation Industry: Business Benefits

1: Ensure the holistic transformation of urban mobility

2: Analyze the movement of people

3: Predict the impact of unplanned events such as accidents and vehicle breakdowns

Quantzig offers powerful predictive analytics solutions that allow businesses to collate a wide variety of data to creatively factor-in datasets and create predictive models. These models can be configured and tweaked, as needed, in order to visualize your own unique business scenarios. The analytics process uses a rich machine learning interface to empower your company to build predictive models based on past and incoming data.

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