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IRI Launches In-Flight Measurement Optimization Solution for Increased Speed in Obtaining Real-Time Campaign Insights

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IRI®, a global leader in innovative solutions and services
for consumer, retail and media companies, today announced the launch of
the IRI In-Flight Measurement Optimization solution, which seamlessly
combines two analysis methodologies to provide CPG manufacturers and
retailers with the industry’s earliest, fastest and most accurate
real-time, purchase-based insights into ongoing digital marketing
campaign performance.

“IRI has invested significantly in the development of media solutions on
massively scaled deterministic data assets that allow manufacturers and
retailers to leverage real-time, purchase-based results to optimize
digital campaign performance while they are in-flight, allowing our
clients to confidently implement digital marketing campaigns knowing
they can adjust along the way for an optimal return,” said Nishat Mehta,
president of the Media Center of Excellence for IRI. “IRI’s innovative
In-Flight Measurement Optimization allows advertisers to effectively
compare and optimize campaign performance results at the tactical level
as early as one week into the campaign, and delivers results weekly
thereafter, without sacrificing accuracy or granularity.”

The IRI In-Flight Measurement Optimization solution leverages two
tailored algorithms — IRI’s Sales Effectiveness Index and IRI Lift™ On
Demand — as well as IRI’s impressive database of 500 million frequent
shopper loyalty cards, to generate ROI-based measurements that provide
marketers with the data needed to make optimizations throughout the
campaign rather than making them until after the campaign is completed
to obtain critical insights.

Seamlessly transitioning between two unique methodologies, the IRI
In-Flight Measurement Optimization solution offers:

  • Performance insights within one week of campaign launch: IRI’s
    Sales Effectiveness Index generates unmodeled insights in the earliest
    stages of a campaign, providing guidance on overall campaign
    performance and actionable tactic-level comparisons.
  • Continuous, granular insights throughout the campaign lifecycle:
    As the volume of campaign impressions climbs over time, the In-Flight
    Measurement Optimization solution will seamlessly transition to
    delivering insights using IRI Lift On Demand, which offers enhanced,
    fully modeled lift metrics, including sales/household and
    dollars/occasion. The scale of IRI’s data allows us to transition to
    this methodology earlier in the campaign than ever before.
  • Actionable purchasebased insights: Throughout the
    entire campaign, the IRI In-Flight Measurement Optimization solution
    matches online impressions with offline purchases, powered by data
    from its industry-leading database of 500 million frequent shopper
    loyalty cards.
  • Earliest, fastest, most accurate insights available: The
    In-Flight Measurement Optimization solution delivers insights as early
    as one week into a campaign’s lifecycle.

In-Flight Measurement Optimization is currently available through IRI’s
Unify platform, joining IRI’s Campaign Conversion Feed and other
innovative solutions in IRI’s mid-campaign optimization solution

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About the IRI Partner Ecosystem

IRI fundamentally believes that delivering differentiated growth for
clients requires deep, highly integrated partnering with a variety of
best-of-breed companies. As such, IRI works closely with a broad range
of industry leaders across multiple industries and sectors to create
innovative joint solutions, services and access to capabilities to help
its clients more effectively collaborate and compete in their various
markets and exceed their growth objectives. IRI is committed to its
partnership philosophy and continues to actively enhance its open
ecosystem of partners through alliances, joint ventures, acquisitions
and affiliations. The IRI Partner Ecosystem includes such leading
companies as 84.51°, Adobe, The Boston Consulting Group, Clavis
Insights, comScore, Data Plus Math, Edison, Experian, GfK, Gigwalk,
Google, Ipsos, Jumpshot, Mastercard Advisors, MaxPoint, MFour, Omnicom,
One Click Retail, Oracle, Pinterest, Research Now/SSI, Simulmedia,
SPINS, Univision, Viant
and others.

About IRI

IRI is a leading provider of big data, predictive analytics and
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A confluence of major external events — a change in consumer buying
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