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IpVenture’s Autonomous Delivery Bot Technologies to Combat Coronavirus

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The necessary shutdowns to combat the Coronavirus have decimated some industries while overwhelming others. With the government’s stay-at-home orders, people have turned to food delivery services. Both small and large delivery companies, such as Instacart and Amazon Fresh, are drowning under the sudden influx in demand. Even looking past the current crisis, there is little doubt that Americans’ concern regarding hygiene—both for workers and customers—has been irrevocably altered. In order to meet these demands, the market must adapt.

The pandemic has turned businesses, governments, and consumers into eager adopters of autonomous delivery bots. But while intriguing to customers and potentially cost-effective to companies, these delivery bots invite a slew of other potential complications. What if the bot is transporting perishable groceries and the temperature inside rises? What if the bot malfunctions or goes off-course?

IpVenture announces its patented Autonomous Delivery Bot Technologies to address the above challenges and more.

IpVenture’s technologies can monitor and alert when problems occur during transport. For example, temperature and humidity sensors can track if the storage compartment becomes unsuitable for fresh meat or produce. Light sensors can detect if the compartment is opened prematurely. Vibration sensors can detect external disturbances. A manager can then be immediately alerted to the problem.

IpVenture also can provide proactive, on-the-spot remediation to resolve delivery problems as they arise. For example, if the bot detects high temperatures in its storage compartment, it can activate refrigeration to maintain the food quality.

IpVenture’s technologies further enable a customer to label locations, like labeling her residence as “home.” This allows, for example, the bot to notify the customer with personal messages upon arrival: “Your bot has arrived at your home.”

For hygienic reasons, if the customer doesn’t want to touch the bot’s handle to open the storage component, the customer could send the bot a wireless message. Then our location-based activation technology, triggered by location and the message, can prompt the bot to automatically open its compartment.

In a market with rapidly evolving expectations, IpVenture’s technologies ensure that automated delivery bots are more flexible, more reliable and friendlier. Examples of corresponding patents can be found at its website. With these patents and more, IpVenture strives to provide market-driven ideas and user-friendly technologies.