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IPValue Management Affiliate Acquires Rights to Mitsubishi Electric’s Display Business Patent Portfolio

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IPValue Management, Inc. (“IPValue”) today announced that its subsidiary, Trivale Technologies, LLC (“Trivale”), has acquired over 1,200 patents and applications from the display business unit of Mitsubishi Electric (“MELCO”). MELCO is a world leader in the manufacture, marketing and sales of electrical and electronic equipment.

IPValue focuses its patent licensing programs on extensive portfolios from major enterprise innovators like MELCO. Trivale’s acquisition of substantially all MELCO display business unit patents allows it to provide a one-stop shop for licensees to one of the largest portfolios in the industry.

“We are pleased to acquire this substantial portfolio from Mitsubishi Electric, a highly respected enterprise with a recognized history of innovation,” said Anupama Jain, General Manager of Trivale. “This portfolio is the result of over two decades of R&D by the display business unit and encompasses a broad range of LCD, OLED, and other technologies for high value display products.”

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