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iPipeline and Atidot Partner to Mine In-Force Data for Life and Annuity Sales

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iPipeline® – a leading provider of cloud-based software solutions for
the life insurance and financial services industry – today announced an
exclusive partnership with Atidot, a Gartner “Cool Vendor” insurtech
company empowering the life insurance industry with big data and
predictive analytics. The InsureSight® In-Force Service powered
by Atidot®
will enable Insurers in North America to predict customer
insurance and financial needs, lapse patterns and profitability. As part
of the service, customer behavior, based on machine learning, AI and
actuarial models, is used to build target-qualified opportunities for
proactive customer retention and upsell and cross-sell efforts for life
and annuity products. The in-force service is available as a module for
InsureSight, iPipeline’s data analytics and benchmarking product.

“Data is a power-selling tool, but in the absence of technology to
optimize the value of the data that defines client behavior and predicts
purchasing needs, it might as well not exist. Our new InsureSight
In-Force Service
enables Insurers to surface highly qualified
revenue opportunities for agents and advisors, which might otherwise not
surface,” said Tim Wallace, CEO, iPipeline. “Understanding what life
events will drive clients’ future purchasing decisions enables agents
and advisors to proactively match the optimal life insurance and
financial products to their clients’ needs. We expect carriers and
financial institutions to experience a 25% improvement in revenue from
the upsell and cross-sell activity. This is transformative for any
organization looking to optimize in-force data, and we are excited to
offer this new service to the iPipeline customer ecosystem.”

“The InsureSight In-Force Service has been designed to reduce
business volatility, monetize current data, and increase overall
profitability for life insurers and financial institutions. By enriching
the insurers data with iPipeline and 3rd party external data
sources, this new service creates more accurate projections for an
in-force book of business. It can also predict premium persistency,
lapse rates, up-sell, conversion rates, the probability to be
under-insured, and more,” said Dror Katzav, CEO, Atidot. “But prediction
is just the tip of the iceberg. If you know your data, you can simulate
buying scenarios, you can use the projections to manage your capital
better, you can get better re-insurance prices, you can focus on
desirable customer segments with specific behavior, and you can better
navigate your business decisions. We’re excited to be teaming with
iPipeline on delivering this new enhancement to the SSG Digital Platform
for the North American marketplace.”

iPipeline’s SSG Digital core platform is designed to enable the life
insurance and financial services industry to automate and simplify all
new business, administration, and in-force management tasks to achieve
desirable business outcomes. For assistance in acquiring this new
in-force module for InsureSight, contact your assigned sales
or call 1-800-758-0824, option 2.

About Atidot

Atidot is an insurance technology company empowering the life insurance
industry to become data-driven and optimize their book of business with
big data solutions and predictive analytics. Founded by a team of data
scientists and veteran actuaries, Atidot offers a cloud-based platform
that provides data-driven insights to inform decision making, drive new
business strategies, and create new revenue streams. Atidot works with
leading life insurance and annuities providers to take control of their
existing data to upgrade their risk modeling and to improve policyholder
behavior prediction to improve sales, retention and in-force management.
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About iPipeline

iPipeline is a leading provider of cloud-based software solutions for
the life insurance and financial services industry. Through our SSG
Digital, end-to-end platform, we accelerate and simplify sales,
compliance, operations and support. We provide process automation and
seamless integration between every participant in our ecosystem
including carriers, agents, general agencies, advisors, broker-dealers,
RIAs, banks, securities/mutual fund firms, and their consumers on a
global basis. Our innovative solutions include pre-sales support, new
business and underwriting, policy administration, point-of-sale
execution of applications, post-sale support, data analysis, reporting,
user-driven configuration, consumer delivery and self-service, and
agency and firm management.

iPipeline’s platform is used by more than 135 carriers, 1,350
distributors and financial institutions, and their agents and licensed
advisors in a cloud-based environment. With headquarters in Exton,
Pennsylvania, iPipeline has locations in Bromley (UK), Burlington
(Canada), Cheltenham (UK), Dallas, Fort Lauderdale, Huntersville,
Ontario (CA), Philadelphia, Pleasanton, and Salt Lake City. Visit