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Introducing Punchh WiFi Marketing: Engaging Walk-in Customers via WiFi & Paving the Way to Loyalty for Physical Retailers

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Today, Punchh,
the leader in digital marketing solutions for physical retailers,
announced the launch of Punchh WiFi Marketing to help brick-and-mortar
retailers identify potential new customers and market to them in real
time. With the new WiFi Marketing solution, Punchh solidifies its
position as the only unified marketing platform for both customer
acquisition and customer lifetime value growth.

Punchh WiFi Marketing provides seamless integration with Punchh
Marketing Cloud, and accelerates retailers’ ability to identify and
engage a potential customer as soon as they walk through the door with a
range of new acquisition channels. Engaging customers via WiFi provides
access to more customer data, while simultaneously offering machine
learning capabilities for better segmentation and improved promotion

The modern-day consumer walks into stores with a smartphone in hand or a
laptop in their bag. These same devices that bring a customer into a
business offering WiFi can also be detrimental if the business does not
start building a relationship at that point, since the customer can find
the competition within seconds on Google or Yelp. But once they connect
to WiFi, Punchh allows brands to engage immediately and provide a
personalized shopping experience, distributing the right offer at the
right time.

“Regular customers help retailers stay in business, but turning a
one-time guest into a loyalist is extremely challenging,” said Punchh
CEO Shyam Rao. “Retailers need to know how they’re reaching first-time
customers and what that first experience was like in order to improve
that experience and keep them coming back for more. If a customer is in
your store and you don’t start building a relationship that can grow
with timely and relevant communications and offers, it is a missed
opportunity. Not only does our WiFi solution provide critical customer
data – it also leverages that data quickly to help brands make swift
marketing decisions.”

Here are just some of the benefits to brand marketers using Punchh WiFi
Marketing in conjunction with the Punchh Marketing Cloud:

  • Increase same store sales and customer lifetime value (CLV) by
    extending the reach of the brand’s acquisition strategy.
  • Accelerate customer visit frequency, spend, and offer redemption rates.
  • Easily add customer acquisition channels, such as list/web imports,
    POS integrations, SMS, and multiple payment options, as marketing
    strategies grow.
  • Create a unified and personalized in-store and online experience that
    caters to different customer profiles.
  • Predict customer behavior and provide recommendations for personalized

In addition to the marketing benefits, Punchh WiFi Marketing allows
retailers to leverage and enhance existing WiFi investments into a
customer engagement and acquisition channel. Because Punchh unifies WiFi
Marketing into a single platform, it is easy to administer, manage, and
maintain and eliminates the need to sign-in multiple times and manage
disparate systems. Finally, the Punchh solution lowers operational
overhead since data is automatically deduped and cleansed in one system.

Punchh is actively opening channels with leading WiFi providers such as
Cisco Meraki, Ubiquiti and Aruba Networks and systems integrators,
including a new partnership with World Wide Technology (WWT). WWT has
experience integrating Punchh’s platform into consumer loyalty
applications and is also a Cisco Gold Certified Partner and HPE Platinum
Partner that deeply understands network architecture and digital
activation via custom captive portal experiences.

“Punchh plays a critical role in helping brick-and-mortar retailers
acquire customers through digital channels and WiFi plays a big part of
the omni-channel experience,” said Matt Sebek, Vice President of Digital
at WWT. “Together, we’re able to provide our customers with
comprehensive solutions across their digital and physical properties by
leveraging existing, in-store investments or by running our customers
through our ‘zero to launch’ framework with minimal effort.”

Physical retailers now have the power to offer location-based offers
that are relevant and tailored to each individual customer, which
dramatically improves the odds of turning the first-time customer into a
loyal one.

About Punchh

Punchh is the world leader in innovative digital marketing products for
physical retailers, combining AI and machine learning technologies,
mobile-first expertise, and omnichannel communications designed to
dramatically increase lifetime customer value. Punchh offers partners
access to real-time consumer information via a live dashboard, enabling
them to create and launch campaigns, target specific user segments and
review guest feedback. Marketers can connect with customers across any
channel through loyalty, offers, ordering, payments, feedback, surveys,
gift cards, games and more. More than 160 global enterprise brands rely
on Punchh to grow revenue by building customer relationships at every
stage, from anonymous to loyalist.