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IntraNext Systems Launches SmartSIP™ – DTMF Masking for VoIP Environments

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IntraNext Software, Inc., dba IntraNext Systems, announces the GA
release for its latest security product enhancement to their Event
Intelligence® Platform
of call center integration software. SmartSIP™
is a data security product based on IntraNext‘s United States Patent No.
US 9,881,178 “Method and Apparatus for Protecting Sensitive Data” in
call center environments, and is a Payment Card Industry (PCI) Validated
Payment Application.

The SmartSIP product was developed for ACD call center systems with a
VoIP communications infrastructure and compatible Computer Telephony
Integration (CTI) capabilities. SmartSIP enables customers to enter
sensitive information using their telephone keypad during live operator
calls, while keeping the agent and customer in constant communication.
Commonly referred to as “DTMF suppression and/or masking,” the process
captures customer-entered data, replaces the audio tone value with a
“masking tone,” and prevents downstream systems from exposure to the

The Dual-Tone Multi-Frequency (DTMF) interaction enhances voice and data
security during agent-assisted calls. SmartSIP acts as a SIP proxy
between the Session Border Controller (SBC or Media Gateway) and the
voice platform. The software interacts with the DTMF data while never
affecting the voice path.

With SmartSIP implemented, clients can achieve greater data security,
customer confidence, and compliance – while retaining their existing
telephone system investments.

Victoria Becker, VP of Business Development, stated, “With the latest
guidance from the Payment
Card Industry (PCI) regarding telephone-based payments
, IntraNext’s
SmartSIP will be an appealing solution for medium-to-large call centers
who have adopted VoIP as their transport protocol, and maintain their
own cardholder data environment. When a client implements SmartSIP,
their PCI-DSS `scope’ can be significantly reduced.

“We have a distinct advantage for clients who don’t want to alter their
existing call routing and voice communications,” Becker said. “SmartSIP
is the only DTMF masking solution that never alters the voice
communication path between the customer and the agent.”

About IntraNext

has developed contact center solutions for over 20 years.
IntraNext’s Event Intelligence product portfolio consists of SmartCTI™,
a respected CTI solution, and iGuard®, a DTMF data capture solution for
legacy ACDs and live agent interactions.