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InterAxS Global: Longtime Corporate Access Duo Shakeup the Market, Targeting IPO Events

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The first half of 2019 has been educational for Silicon Valley’s latest
blessing of unicorns and the forward-looking bankers and investors that
want to be a part of the next big thing.

The very nature of these nascent companies – with opaque financials and
unconventional business plans – has proven a challenge for investors
that must scramble to understand the path to profitability and form a
plan based on limited information.

It is in this vacuum that Cathy Norbury and Lucy Richardson see

The two longtime corporate access mavens had spent a combined 30 plus
years putting on corporate access events at Credit Suisse, but, as the
regulatory environment evolved and independence in the space eroded, the
two saw that the traditional model needed to pivot along with the market.

And so, InterAxs Global was born. Norbury and Richardson have updated
the traditional platform by using cutting-edge technology to enable
real-time interaction between audience and speakers, and focused their
series of events on business situations where traditional media and
advisory services come up short.

“The traditional, bank-associated corporate access model really limited
the scope of situations we could cover,” Richardson said. “Now that we
are independent of conflicts and inducements we can delve into the most
timely and actionable situations where investors have a real need for

The InterAxS IPO Series, which is slated to take-on Slack on June 5 in
NYC and later WeWork, will feature in-the-weeds experts that have
experience with the companies in question and those with insight into
the competitive environment the listing company will face. By scouring
the ranks of former executives and operatives and assembling a roster of
competing viewpoints, the firm’s events are designed to expand upon the
base of information provided by the press and the companies on their
roadshows and identify issues and opportunities that may not otherwise
see the light of day.

In the wake of disappointing IPO events like Uber, Lyft, Pinterest and
others, the InterAxS team is confident that investors will scramble for
a deeper level of scrutiny into subsequent listings.

According to Norbury, “We have found that providing a perspective that
investors aren’t exposed to elsewhere makes these panels invaluable.
There is a lack of actionable investment opinions around IPOs, and in
these unproven situations, we believe every bit of insight and context

As an independent provider committed to dialogue between investor and
expert, the duo believe they are providing a service that will quickly
gain traction.

InterAxS has brought on long-time M&A and corporate event journalist
Reuben Miller to help launch the site and moderate the first few panels.

About InterAxS Global

InterAxS is an objective independent content provider. Our interactive
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